Published On: Sat, Aug 26th, 2017

Pregnancy center attacked for promoting ‘baby powder yankee candle’

An Ireland-based pregnancy crisis center is under fire by pro-abortionists after sharing a Yankee Candle promotion on its Facebook page, encouraging followers to purchase a baby powder-scented candle.

Stanton Healthcare posted a picture of a baby powder scented Yankee candle, and pro-abortionists took issue with their caption: “Stanton Healthcare would recommend to all crisis pregnancy centre’s the new baby powder yankee candle. It just smells like a new born baby. #lovelife #lovebabies #protectthemboth #loveyankeecandles.”

photo Alyson Jones

The response from one commenter: “This is absolutely disgusting… Very insensitive to women considering all the centre have posted is about ’empowering’ women more like brainwashing. This operation needs shut down,” wrote one commenter.


“Disgracefully insensitive and shamefully distasteful advertising. What would the smell of baby powder do the help with a crisis pregnancy? Please remove this,” wrote another.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service effectively told website Broadly that its “manipulation” of women in “incredibly desperate circumstances” was “cruel.”

“Not only is this a rather cruel attempt to manipulate women who may be in incredibly desperate circumstances, it is also profoundly patronizing,” spokesperson Katherine O’Brien said. “The majority of women who have an abortion are already mothers — they know perfectly well how a newborn baby smells, and the idea that any woman could be convinced to have a child by the mere presence of a scented candle is just insulting.”

“Stanton you are a brilliant hope for a progressive, compassionate society. Saving mothers and babies every day. The most fundamental human right is the right to life and you help uphold that human right. Thank you,” said a follower.

Yankee Candle has also issued a statement, saying, “Yankee Candle is not affiliated with Stanton Healthcare Belfast. We are currently addressing the issue.”

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