Published On: Mon, Feb 26th, 2018

Precautions To Take When Purchasing A Domain Name

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Several businesses and websites fall victim to domain related cyber crimes because they fail to take necessary precautions. To avoid this, you should watch out for common malpractices when you’re looking to buy domain name.

But before that, here are some of the most popular domain cyber crimes that occur during the purchase of a domain name.

Domain Name Front Running

This occurs when someone is monitoring a domain name that you’re looking for and buys it right before you register it. Then they’ll try to sell the domain name for a much higher price. There’s little evidence that shows this occurs, but existing technology makes this possible. That’s why it’s believed to exist.

Unscrupulous Domain Name Registrars

There are some domain name registrars that show all the domain name searches entered on their website to be already registered. You can’t apply for these domains from other registrars because it’s already been taken by someone else. You can still register these domain names from these sites, but it’ll be at a much higher price.

In good news, ICANN is taking precautions to prevent this.

How To Avoid This

You can take certain steps to avoid these situations. Here’s how.

Don’t Rush When Purchasing A Domain Name

You might like a domain name, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your business. There are several tools available online which can help you brainstorm. Have at least 3 selected so that if one or two are unavailable, you still have a backup.

Ask a reliable party for opinions on your domain name. It’s better to have valuable advice that can be beneficial than stick to a domain name that doesn’t really suit you or doesn’t bring in traffic.

Be Wary Of Trademarks

You might be a fan of Coke or a Hollywood actor, but that doesn’t mean that you can use their name in your domain name. That’s trademark infringement. This can lead to your website getting banned.

To avoid this, make sure to visit the US Patent and Trademark Office website and search. Ensure that your domain name doesn’t match any other trademark.

Check The Domain History

It’s possible that someone else was an owner of the domain name that you want to buy. In case the domain name was associated with any crime, penalized, or banned previously, it can cause a lot of problems for you. If it does, look for another domain name. It’s not worth the potential risks.

Research Your Reseller

Unlike registrars, resellers aren’t accredited by ICANN. That means they can be unreliable. Do a thorough research on the dealer before you purchase a domain name. Look for reviews from previous buyers.

With this said, it’s always better to purchase a domain name from a reliable and accredited domain name registrar. Shopify is an e-commerce software solution for small and medium-sized businesses that also offers a domain name generator. Here, you can buy your domain names. All details related to your domain names are handled by OpenSRS. This is accredited by ICANN.

Author: Sujit Singh

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