Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

Praxis Center’s Patricia Valoy attacks Trump’s racism with racist ‘Raising a brown baby’ article

Racism to the left of us. Racism to the right. The Praxis Center places racism all around us and Patricia Valoy latest attack on President Trump perpetuates that there’s more racism in us.

The “science and social justice managing editor of the Praxis Center, and a feminist activist” penned a new attack on Trump, titled “Raising a Brown Baby in the Age of Trump,” beginning with her confession that “having a baby right now, while Trump is president, has definitely changed how I plan to parent.”

“…I felt guilty for bringing a child into a world that had turned from what felt like a bad place to a downright dangerous place. It’s still hard to explain the deep fear that befell me when Trump was elected president and how that fear nearly crippled me when I learned I was pregnant. But I am part of a vibrant community of activists that reminded me that they will never stop fighting with me and for me, so I allowed myself to feel some relief.”

Valoy wreaks socialist havoc onto the screen each time she publishes a new article bemoaning the conservative shift since Trump took office. Pushing for the repeal of Obamacare, ending the Paris global warming agreements or his stance on immigration – Trump has Valoy petrified.

“I once thought being naturalized citizens protected my husband and I from deportation, but now I can’t be quite sure. I don’t want to live in fear, so I continue to be outspoken about the injustices of this administration, and I keep writing, and marching, and when I can’t physically do something I donate to activists that are working toward social justice causes.”

When has deportation of naturalized citizens been a topic of the debate? Maybe it’s the absence of the term “ILLEGAL” from the immigration debate which has her afraid.

Trump failed against Obamacare, his own party turned against him and the earth keeps spinning despite the fearmongering from Al Gore and his fellow fans of Day After Tomorrow.

photo/ donkeyhotey

She confesses severing ties to Trump voters/supporters (just Dennis Prager predicted): “My family has ended friendships with Trump supporters after their refusal to admit that a vote for Trump was a vote for white supremacy. I am suspect of anyone who claims they didn’t know any better, because Trump has always said he would do exactly what he is doing now. His racism and sexism have been publicly known for decades, so I can’t accept ignorance as an excuse.”

Class warfare – check. Victimhood – check. Sexist, racist, bigoted pig – check, check, check.

Valoy is the walking, talking leftist that Marx dream about.

Would her perspective be any different if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio were in Trump’s position of power and moving for similar legislation?


She discusses her daughter, both “Latina and Arab,” struggling with “multiple languages, and multiple ways of life” in ” a country that sees her as foreign and sometimes as a threat.”

“One day soon I’ll have to explain to her why so many people in this country don’t want us here. I’ll have to tell her that there will be places where speaking multiple languages as a Brown person is seen as a mark of inferiority. And I’ll also have to tell her that although our people have fought these barriers for many years, recent events have empowered racists to be more aggressive than ever. All these talks will have to be accompanied by empowering messages of people just like her who resist and inspire every day, because I don’t want her to live in fear.”

There’s the confession. The racism and prejudices from Valoy finally are revealed. She is fighting racism by only seeing race. Those “evil white people” will never understand you, especially those who voted for that President, who will be long forgotten by the time she even cares about politics.

All she sees is her daughter’s skin color…before she speaks or lives out a dream – it’s her race which will define her future and her limitations. Her perspective has nothing to do with Trump, but with her own bias.

Sometime when you are pointing a finger, you need to note that you have three pointing back at yourself.

Well, not likely it a home traumatized by Trump and the fears peddled from the left.

The Praxis Center is an “online resource center for scholars, activists and artists hosted by the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College. From action research and radical scholarship to engaged teaching and grassroots activism to community and cultural organizing, and revelatory art practice, we make visible imperative social justice work being done today.”

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