Published On: Tue, Oct 12th, 2021

Post-Pandemic: Are Workers Emphasising Their Right to Healthy Working Conditions?

The pandemic affected many of us in some very different ways, managing to alter work culture as a whole. Many people were furloughed and more were made to pack up their files from the office and work from home. This new way of life that became the reality and the norm for over a year has changed many of the perceptions of the everyday worker, so many economists and companies are now interested: What do the workers want now that the pandemic is coming to a close?

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Holding On To The Home Office

Anyone who has been working from home over this pandemic can attest to the benefits of working remotely, and though there are some keen to return to the typical work environment, a recent study seems to show that the home office is more sought after than previously thought. It’s no surprise when you consider the pluses of rolling out of bed and onto a desk chair. Without a commute to work, many people have had more time for breakfast, or are able to get up later than before. Staying at home also allows for people to be around their families more often. Remote working could even prove to be better for employers, as it could mean no longer paying for large office space or extra facilities. 

Safer Workplaces

Throughout the pandemic, there were a number of people that had to continue to work in their normal location due to the industry they are in, such as hospitality and retail. These workplaces became somewhat dangerous due to the spread of the virus. In addition to this, employees thought that hurriedly trained staff that were unsure of specific protocol or a lack of company supplied personal protective equipment could lead to other at-work injuries and filling out accident at work claims. People need to have their basic safety requirements met, so requesting better and safer working conditions is vital to the health of our workers.’

Corporation Clarity

Another point raised by a number of workers is that many of them would like greater clarity within their workplace. Many reported a feeling of anxiety due to a lack of communication and clarity where they work and so requests for greater workplace clarity are high. It seems that more workers would like a collaborative environment to work in, with their company supplying the tools to assist in the task. People are also requesting more supportive workplace environments, allowing them to express themselves more freely in what may have before been a very rigid domain.

A Greater Focus On Mental Health

Studies have found that there has been an increase in the use of company resources related to mental health since the beginning of lockdown and it is clear as to why. The big question is how well are companies responding? Workers are showing an increased interest in mental health resources to ensure they are working efficiently and safely. This is an area that has been improving recently and the trend certainly looks positive, but more development is important to ensure that there are both enough resources for people to use and that they are diverse and accessible enough for the diverse display that can be found in every workplace.

It appears that the post-pandemic world is very interested in looking after the workers and it seems to be a very positive development. It is important for employers to look closely at what their workers are emphasising for their own conditions to keep their companies working effectively and efficiently.

Author: Diane Hutton

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