Published On: Mon, Feb 18th, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI seeking immunity from prosecution for mishandling child sex abuse allegations

The Pope will have immunity from prosecution regarding the mishandling of child sex crimes by staying within the walls of the Vatican, according to an anonymous Vatican source.

Reuters reported Friday, Feb. 15, that church sources have explained that the retiring Pope Benedict would be “defenseless” if he leaves the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI delivering the Christmas 2012 message   photo from screenshot Telegraph video coverage

Pope Benedict XVI delivering the Christmas 2012 message photo from screenshot Telegraph video coverage

This official news story comes on the heels of a statement issued by the International Tribunal into Crimes Against Church and State (ITCCS) that detailed the legal situation that surrounds the Pope and the Vatican. An unnamed European country and the ITCCS have issued a campaign to hold the Pope accountable for the Vatican’s cover-up of child sex crimes. There was an international arrest warrant secured for the Pope’s arrest:

On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (itccs.org), our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.

The Tribunal and the unnamed European nation intend to take a lien against the property and wealth of the Catholic Church, beginning on Easter Sunday March 31.

They are calling it an “Easter Reclamation Campaign,” part of which involves citizens seizing the assets of the Church under international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The basic purpose of the action is stated at the end of the document issued by The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State:

We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.

The document was delivered to the Pope’s representative on Feb. 4 and the Pope resigned on Feb. 10.

The Pope may have resigned to avoid arrest and to avoid forfeiture of property by the Vatican. Stuart Wilde.com has a story today that Pope Benedict will meet with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23 to request immunity and protection.

The entire story behind the first resignation of a sitting pope in over 600 years is just beginning to develop.

The threat to the institution of the Vatican and its extensive financial holdings, however, is very real.

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  3. Britt says:

    The RCC is now about 99.7% corrupt. See; www DOT .cross.tv/74799 AND .cross.tv/74896 If you don’t believe this comment, As time is short…

  4. KT says:

    You all were right on. He didn’t leave the Vatican thank goodness or he would have been arrested. Remind me again where he is right now and where he will be for the next month or two? Shouldn’t be hard to find him to go serve that arrest warrant. #Ridiculous!

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