Published On: Thu, Feb 14th, 2019

Pop-Up Tents vs Inflatable Tents: Which is Better and Why?

Canopy tents, inflatable tents, pop-up tents – there’s a lot to choose from. Whether your business is playing host, catering or doing some marketing, a tent is a good investment either way. In an effort to get the best bang for your buck, you may run into the issue of wondering whether to buy pop-ups or inflatables. Let’s break down which one suits you and your business.

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Pop Up Tents

These sorts of tents are great “one-size-fits-all” solution, no matter the circumstance. Assembly and disassembly are a breeze and requires minimum effort. Your standard canopy tent is a self-contained unit, which you can use for any variety of reasons.

Why Choose Pop Up Tents

Here is one of the major reasons business owners have invested in pop-up tents: assembly and disassembly. You need only 3-4 people to set these things up in a jiffy. Because of this, they’re easily portable and require minimum effort to transport – depending on the material of the frame (which is typically aluminum).

Plus – when these tents’ tops are customized (by a professional designer who will usually follow your instructions to a tee), they can play an important role in raising the awareness of your brand in peoples’ eyes. Nothing wrong with catching attention, right? A lot of people like them because they use 4 poles in a square formation to balance, which makes them great as a shelter from the elements. This makes for a life-saver in the event that your business event gets rained on.

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are extremely lighter than pop-up canopies, because they can be rolled and unrolled – and only need air to “set up”. Since they’re inflated using an air pump, there are no potentially-hazardous support beams. One of the beautiful things about inflatable canopies/tents is their versatility: they can be in any shape or form you desire. This specificity will enhance your brand’s image even farther, by ordering an inflatable tent that matches your business’ style.

Why Choose Inflatable Tents  

Pop-up tents can take only a matter of minutes to set up, with the help of others, but still require an effort of the crew doing the setup. Inflatable tents need only one thing: an air pump with access to electricity. While this is undeniably easier, it can end up taking a longer amount of time depending on what the tent is. (A business that sells popcorn might have a tent that looks like a box of popcorn.) One downside is its major downfall: as with anything inflatable, these tents can be pierced with a sharp object and slowly deflate.

Which one to Choose?

Let’s break it down: if you’re a group of one, an inflatable tent is the obvious choice. However, your air pump is an electric device. Electric devices need juice. Do you have an outlet nearby? If not, this is where the pop-up tent is a better choice for you. Pop-ups are also assembled and disassembled in a quicker amount of time, which makes them the ideal choice if windy storms are headed your way, instead of waiting for it to deflate.

Pop-up tents don’t stand a chance against inflatable tents when it comes to capturing attention. Although pop-up tents are considered traditional for a reason: they are classic, and hardly ever fail to at least get prospects in front of you. No matter which you choose, either tent is a phenomenal investment.

Author: Himanshu Agarwal

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