Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Pool Floats You Need This Summer

When you hear summer, what comes to mind? What are some of the first activities that pop into your head when you think of favorite summer pastimes? For most people, time on the water and time with friends and family outside are just a given.  Constant sunshine, warmer weather, and more flexibility all add up to make summer arguably the best season of the year.  For students, summer represents a time off from homework, studying, deadlines, and a convoluted schedule.  For adults and families, summer can be a time to relax, reconnect, and build relationships.  But, across the board, summer is just a time of new experiences, new places, and new activities.  This summer, as you plan vacations or just time on the water, give yourself the best chance at enjoyment of your time in the pool with pool floats

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Why Pool Floats are Essential

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time relaxing on the water, you know that there are very specific times you want to be in the water, soaked to the bone and just splashing around, and there are times you just want to be laying in the sun, basking in the bright light and relaxing heat.  Spending time out on the water can reduce anxiety and can actually alleviate a lot of tension both mentally and physically.  However, in those times when you don’t really feel the need to be underwater, it can be great to just float aimlessly around the surface, and for that, you’re going to need a float.  

What Kind of Float

From the little arm floats that we all used as kids to the giant inflatable boats that live in many people’s backyard pools, floats are versatile and exciting.  They can even be a source of personal expression as people use them to display their personality in a fun way on the water.  Some of the more exciting are big eight foot inflatable items such as a private jet, a flashy red sports car, a glittery unicorn, or just a giant, flirty pair of lips!  However, you can always just stick to the originals like a logoed or patterned tube float or even just a solid color.  Either way, you can use a float to keep you dry, keep you out of the sun, or even find one that keeps your drinks up and out of the water like a floating drink cooler.

Where to Look

In modern America, living an ethically responsible life can be extremely difficult.  For example, the products we buy, the food we consume, and the clothing we wear is often not ethically produced, not sustainable, and does not fully support the people responsible for creating it.  Finding a company that cares about their footprint, cares about their employees, and cares about the world they are creating for the future is incredibly rare but also very important to living responsibly.  However, it is possible, even when you are shopping for something as random as pool floats.  Even though pool floats are made with a majority of plastics, many also contain AZO dyes (synthetic colorants that have been linked to carcinogens), harmful phthalates (common plasticizers in textile printing linked to cancers and adult obesity), and other harmful ingredients like lead-tainted pigments.  Click the link above to be redirected to the website of a company that completely avoids all of the above in their manufacturing process.  All their materials are independently tested to ensure they’re free of any and all harmful chemicals, and their manufacturing avoids waste and accelerates recycling.  

Pool Floats as a Conversation Starter

Just like I said above, pool floats can be a fun extension of your personality and it’s completely possible to just express yourself with one.  Nothing really says unbridled joy like the ability to just kick back, unplug, and let loose with relaxing downtime.  If you see someone with a highly expressive pool float, it’s easy to imagine that they are just having a good time.  They’re just kicking back, enjoying the sun without a single care in the world.  Pick one up yourself this summer and enjoy the weather and some well-deserved time off!

In Summary

For the summer of 2020, relaxing is especially important to making it through.  At this juncture, the ability to unwind can be rare and can be difficult to feel like you’re really able to remove yourself from the craziness of life.  The modern world is focused on constant information, constant deadlines, and an inundation of news.  Don’t let that become the defining part of your summer this year, but instead find a way to relax on the water and try out a pool float that really says who you are, what you love, and that you’re just having a good time!

Author: Jacob Maslow

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