Politico says ‘Electoral college is a national security threat’ as leftists hate President Trump

In a new Politico article Matthew Olsen, a member of the National Security Agency under President Barack Obama, and Benjamin Haas, a West Point graduate and current student at Stanford University, argued that the Electoral College is antiquated and even dangerous because “hostile” foreign powers (aka Russia) can target populations in certain states to tip the election (aka Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.)

“…what if the national popular vote determined the president instead of the Electoral College?” the article asks. The obvious answer is that the influence of big cities (liberal leaning) and states like California and New York (liberal leaning) would have greater influence on the Presidential election.”

A national security threat? Was it a threat with President Bush or President Obama in office?

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The Politico article bemoans the potential influence of Russia or other rogue nations on elections, but avoid serious concerns about voter fraud and the results found in those pesky recounts – Trump got more votes and Democrats cheated in Michigan.

Fearmongering of Internet trolls, paid for by the Russians, and the fake news perpetuated by social media is still the theme of these sore losers. Russian hackers may have “targeted” many states, but NO elections were changed. This fact was cemented through recounts.

The Electoral College keeps the power right where is belongs, in each individual state.

The Washington Examiner perfectly explained that the article “misses a key benefit of the system our founders established for selecting the nation’s executive: the connection to our federal structure…The Electoral College was part of the founders’ grand federal design that respects the unique and sovereign role of the states. And it is a system worth defending for future generations.”

James Madison explained that the separation of state and national power is a “double security…to the rights of the people.” The Constitution “extends to certain enumerated objects only, and leaves to the several States a residuary and inviolable sovereignty over all other objects.”

That includes allocating electors based on a state’s respective popular vote, and not the national popular vote.

The popular vote would make the liberal media happy as the left controls major cities, reducing campaigns to big city stops and would create a climate primed to ignore rural America (aka those fly-over states).

Note that there is no discussion of the Democratic Superdelegate process, a corrupt practice which CHEATED Bernie Sanders of a fair chance of beating Hillary Clinton. There is no mention of the coin-tosses and drawing of cards which decided winners during the primary.

Where is the outrage over the 2014 FISA investigation into Paul Manafort and the wiretapping of the Trump campaign? Perhaps John Kasich or Ted Cruz would have benefited from that bit of information.

The electoral college may not be perfect, but it is BY FAR the BEST system to elect the President and give a voice to everyone. The popular vote turns the campaign over to the emotional masses, reducing the voice of the small, remote citizens and serving up a liberal utopia for campaign drives…no wonder they want it so badly.

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