Published On: Sat, May 8th, 2021

Police checks: Few essential aspects

Prior to getting into the details of police checks, let us find out what it is in the first place. A National Police Check is basically a collection of information about an individual pertaining to pending court charges or “releasable” details as determined by the police agencies in Australia. 

Such criminal background checks are usually made use of by employers and decision makers. 

Let us take a closer at the concept under the following sub-heads, namely, 


  • Why do you require police checks?
  • What is the validity of police checks?
  • What will the police check reports convey?
  • What the reports do not show you
  • Cost of police checks



Let us take one sub-topic at a time in the paragraphs below-


  • Why do you require police checks?


Some of the reasons why you will approach a police for crime check Australia procedure, include the following-

  • If you are seeking employment in areas that have vulnerable individuals like the elderly people or children
  • For Commonwealth government employment 
  • For the purposes of immigration
  • If you are applying for overseas visas and employment
  • In the event you are planning to take up voluntary work
  • For occupation related registrations and licensing, as in the case of Real Estate agents or brokers and Registered Nurses. 

In order that you want to get a police check for yourself, you have to provide the details and identification so that you can get a report from National Criminal History Background Check. 

  1. What is the validity of police checks?

The date of issue the report is current but you cannot transfer the report among organizations. But once the company or the decision maker receives your report, it is at his discretion to decide how recent a record he will require. 

In other words, the greater the job profile requires higher levels of security, more recent will the report that will be asked for. 


  • What will the police check reports convey?


A report related to crime check Australia, will show a list of items related to the following-

  • Suspended sentences
  • Finding guilty behavior
  • Whether or not there are penalty charges
  • Convictions
  • Sentences
  • Pending charges if any against you
  • Traffic infringements like drunken driving and breaking speed limits


  • What the reports do not show you


Your crime check report will, however, not include few pieces of information like-

  • Incomplete charges
  • Charges that have been dropped against you. 
  • Traffic infringements that do not include fines and cautions. 
  • If you have been penalized by professional agencies or institutions
  1. Cost of police checks

The cost of taking out a report for national criminal history check is approximately $48.90. you will be able to pay via PayPal or use plastic cards. If you want, you can get it online or order for a hard copy as well. 

The importance of a crime check cannot be undermined. It is essential to check background of an applicant that has applied for employment. Also, the above instances equally require an applicant not having any criminal background. After all, you would not like an individual with criminal background to work for you. 

Author: Jimmy Simond

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