Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

Pokémon Go Isn’t the Only ‘Potentially Dangerous’ Game in Town

Pokémon Go took the world by storm when it came out last summer. All of a sudden, people who normally played video games or did other couch-potato type activities at home were in the streets and parks, getting exercise while playing the new augmented reality (AR) game.

The flipside of these great benefits — getting outside, getting exercise and socializing — is that many distracted players fell into danger at times and suffered injuries because they failed to be aware of potential hazards around them while walking or driving around.

Now that Pokémon Go has brought so much attention to the world of AR gaming, people have started noticing other AR games. While playing AR games is fun and can potentially be good for your health, precautions should still be taken to avoid the dangers that accompany distracted walking and gaming.

Pokemon Go photo/ Stefan Schweihofer via Pixabay

What Other AR Games Can Get You Outside and Moving?

Many other fun AR games came out before Pokémon Go was released, while others have come out in the months following Pokémon Go’s initial spike in activity and usage.

Here are some of the games that people are playing:

  • Ingress

Ingress is another game developed by Niantic Labs — if you are a true Pokémon Go devotee, perhaps you have already heard of it. To play the game, you choose to be on one of two opposing sides — Enlightened (Green) or Rebellion (Blue). As you go around your city, you can capture portals for your team. There are some overlaps between Pokémon Go and Ingress—many portals in Ingress are also Pokestops in Pokémon Go.

  • Parallel Kingdom

Parallel Kingdom follows Pokémon Go and Ingress as one of the most popular location-based games. Parallel Kingdom has you build buildings and then defend them against other game players — but you have to go on location to do it.

  • Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run! started as a fitness tracker that motivates you on your run by adding zombies into the mix. As you run, the app gives you instructions on obstacles to avoid or objects to collect. You have to watch out — when the zombies are after you, you have to speed it up!

  • The Walk

The Walk is another game created by the company behind Zombies, Run! It is another fitness tracker with a fun component. As you walk, you listen to a story with a plot that unfolds the farther you go and requires you to dodge enemies and the police.

  • SpecTrek

Like in Pokémon Go, when you play SpecTrek, you go around to real-world locations. However, in this game, you hunt ghosts instead of Pokémon.

Make Sure to Play It Safe

Whichever game you choose, remember that there is a real risk involved in playing any AR game outside. If you are absorbed in the game, you may not notice what is going on around you — and that could be any number of hazards.

People playing AR games have wandered into shady areas of town, trespassed on public property, stepped in front of vehicles without watching and fallen into ditches and off sidewalks.

So, by all means, enjoy yourself. Get out and have fun while getting some exercise at the same time. However, don’t lose track of actual reality, or you could end up injuring yourself or others.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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