Published On: Fri, Nov 17th, 2017

Plumbing: Its Importance and Helpful Tips

Ask any plumber in Sydney and they’ll unanimously  say the same thing. Plumbing is more important than you think. If you just started building your own house or any structure for that matter, chances are, owners will be considering the costs. Under normal circumstances, your property developer will advise you not to skimp on foundation and plumbing. However, on rare occasions, some developers give in to owner demands. No matter what the situation calls for, do not skimp on either.

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Foundations are obvious. It’s where structures are built on and make for a good metaphor –but what most people fail to see is that great plumbing is just as important. Here’s why:

  1. Plumbing takes in water. Water, as everyone knows, is the most precious commodity in life. Without access to clean water, a home is next to worthless. Multiple applications for clean water include bathing, washing, drinking, cooking, etc. Something most people are aware of but take for granted most of the time.
  2. Great plumbing makes for water efficiency. Less leaks mean less water is wasted. Saving water for areas that may have water shortages. Imagine an area with water shortages and every household in that community has leakage problems. That would be a major dilemma.
  3. Substandard plumbing costs business. Recalling a water pipe incident in  2016, where 3,000 people were evacuated from a Sydney mall because of faulty plumbing. Not only was it hazardous to shoppers, it also interrupted business operations. Luckily, no injuries or serious damage was reported. Though well contained, incidents like that could have been avoided.
  4. Waste removal. “What plumbing takes in, plumbing also takes out.” says Irv, a veteran plumber for 20 years. Access to clean water and sanitation has been a key factor in preventing the spread of several diseases. This has always been the case in any home or establishment that has clean water and waste removal.
  5. If done correctly, plumbing saves you money. Initial costs will be high. With new materials and technology, plumbing is expected to last for a lifetime. Leaving less room for costly maintenance. While maintenance  can’t be completely taken out of the equationif plumbing works are planned and executed properly, you’ll have an efficient system with lower maintenance requirements.


Well, this is informative and all but I think a good number of you would also be asking, “What about those who have bought or acquired property with existing plumbing? What can you do if you weren’t part of the planning?”. We’ve got you covered.

We’ve collected a few helpful tips that are sure you still get the most out of your existing system.  Do-it-yourself tips that will help you prevent problems before they start. And a very good reason for this is you won’t know there’s a problem until the sinks begin to clog or your bill becomes suspiciously high. This is where some preventative maintenance is a good idea.

  1. Detect leaks. Turn off all taps and check if the meter is running. If so, you have a leak. The problem now is to locate it. For a relatively small house that’s easy, but for a large office building, it might prove a challenge. Luckily, for larger systems, plumbers today have technology that allows them to easily locate leaks.
  2. Replace washers. Over time, washers inside faucets become corroded. When this happens, you get dripping faucets. Another factor that will add to your large water bill. Replace the washers or replace the faucet entirely.
  3. Look for stains. Stains on walls are tell-tale signs that there’s a plumbing problem. Especially if it’s near the kitchen, bathroom or other locations that obviously contain. Don’t sit on it as water leaks are breeding grounds for harmful molds and mildew.  You won’t want that around if you have children in the premises.
  4. Check for simple blockages. Low water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean that the pipes are clogged up. Sometimes it could be because of deposits or debris that accumulate in the faucet itself. Like the aerator for example, remove it and check for calcification. Do the same thing with the showerhead in the bathroom.
  5. Listen carefully. If you leave the bathroom and it still sounds as if the toilet is still flushing, you’re most likely to have a running toilet problem. It usually is pretty easy to figure out what’s wrong with the flushing mechanism. The seal is just probably out of place or it needs replacing. Either way, you won’t want to keep a toilet running as it’s one of the leading causes for bill shock.


In summary, this is an explanation of why plumbing is important, why it’s essential to have your plumbing system done correctly from the start and what you can do from your end if you are the recipient of an acquired property with existing plumbing. If you face any plumbing issues, you can always call a plumber Sydney for any help.

The preventive measures outlined above can be useful in  any situation and should be considered before caling for help from a professional. Its always good to save money with preventative maintenance. But for bigger problems that can’t be  handled by simple tips , it’s always a good time to pick up the phone and call a professional.

Author: Colin Steinway

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