Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2016

Playmation and Its Impact

Examining How Playmation is Influencing Kids Today

There was once a time where the average neighborhood was full of kids playing until the street lights came on. Throughout the years however we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of children that are outside playing. The cause of much of this can be directly linked to the fact that kids would much rather be inside the house playing games online for hours as opposed to getting involved with the actual physicality of a real game of football. The result of this lack of physical activity has proven to bring up the level of obesity that is facing kids. When you couple that with the fact that many schools are taking away physical education for the most part, kids are no longer being encouraged to exercise and therefore their overall health is taking a hit.

Stepping Things Up

Years ago the gaming industry was being blamed for the obesity facing kids these days. Instead of simply going about their business, the gaming industry looked for ways that they could add a physical aspect to the games that people already loved. The results were amazing with most gaming consoles forcing the user to get up off of their backsides and play the game. Dance games and also many sports games were finally giving kids some of the activity that they had been missing out on for so many years. With all of the success of the big name gaming companies, Disney has put their hat into the ring as well with Plamation.

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What is It

Playmation is actually an ingenious invention that gives kids the ability to play as the characters they want to. The basic premise began with the introduction of the Disney Infinity in which the user purchased the game itself, but also had the option of purchasing additional 3D model characters to open up different world and expand the experience. Playmation takes that concept and gives kids the opportunity to dress and play as the character themselves.

Instead of relying on the standard game controller, the user is given certain attributes of the character they are to play and encouraged to get up and move. The sensory technology within the controller, or the wearable device, enables the user to get more involved with the game itself. The characters have been given an upgrade as well with the ability for the 3D characters to move along with the user. Not only is the user able to go on missions and play as the character on the screen, but they are actually able to have sparing sessions with the figure itself and improve their overall skills.

Encourage Play with Others

This new Playmation technology is not just a game that can be played alone. The user has the option of going on single missions as one player, but also has the option of playing with their friends. Sleepovers will be much more enjoyable when the game of cops and robbers can be played by Captain America and Iron Man. The limitless potential of Playmation is what is driving its popularity. As much fun as kids have had with the original Disney Infinity, they are going to expand their enjoyment to limitless heights with the Plamation technology.

A Way to Pass Rainy Days

Kids should always be encouraged to get out of the house when the weather is nice and interact in reality with friends. Even though technology and the ability to get up and move while playing a game is a wonderful aspect, one should never discount the need for true human interaction and physical activity, but there are going to be days when the weather may not be as cooperative as we would like and on days like this Playmation can make the day much less dreary.

It is no secret that kids are going to play games. They give children the chance to be much more than what they already are and to try something new. Kids however must be given a semblance of structure when games are involved. Instead of simply allowing your child to while away the hours, get involved with them. There is no age limit on the games they play and anytime you are able to spend some quality time with your child it should be done.

Children will only be small for a time. There will come a time when you want to spend time with them, but they will be busy with their own life. Take the time now and play the games they love with them. On the sunny days encourage them to get out and play with friends outside, but there is a time and a place where interactive games such as Playmation are a welcomed escape as well as a way to bond with your child.

Author: Laura Paškauskaitė

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