Published On: Fri, Mar 18th, 2016

Plano shooting: Gardner Chambers murdered wife Noshin Chambers in murder suicide

Police have identified the Plano husband and wife  who were found dead in their home in an apparent murder-suicide Thursday morning.

Police responded to a call from a teen to find Noshin Chambers, 41, and Gardner Chambers, 45, on the ground. Gardner Chambers was pronounced dead at the scene from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate Noshin and transported her to a hospital, where she died soon thereafter.

Gardner shot his wife before turning the gun on himself, according to police, who added that they believe the couple were involved in a heated altercation.

Gardner Chambers managed a local Goodyear store for several years. Chambers left his job at Goodyear about a month ago.  The circumstances around his departure are not clear, but he reportedly was not happy about the move.

Some witnesses did claim the couple was having marital problems and may have been living apart.

Officer Jerry Minton, Plano police spokesman, said there were multiple children in the home at the time of the shooting. None of them were harmed.

The couple had three children.

Noshin Chambers and Gardner Chambers

Noshin Chambers and Gardner Chambers


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- Catherine "Kaye" Wonderhouse, a proud descendant of the Wunderhaus family is the Colorado Correspondent who will add more coverage, interviews and reports from this midwest area.

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  1. Niece says:

    This is my family and you all know nothing about what's going on so please keep your hateful comments to yourself and let my family grieve in peace

  2. Jenna says:

    For or all we know, may be they struggled and she got shot and feeling guilty, he killed himself. If he was served divorce papers, was accused of molesting a child, lost his job and was on verge to loose his kids, house and reputation then he must be in a fragile state. Her family says that they never witnessed or heard about any abuse, unless they are total morons and she didn’t trust them, they would’ve sensed or heard something about abuse. If he did leave his religion, town, job, family and friends to marry her then he must be feeling totally alone. It’s also possible that she was a very fragile woman and was abused. It’s also possible that she found someone else and wanted out. Anyways, he is the one who pulled the trigger so he is responsible, it doesn’t matter how things escalated but it matters that children lost their parents. That’s a fact, rest is speculation. Having guns around and fighting while depressed or enraged is a recipe for disaster. Divorce can bring the worse in spouses. I hope both rest in peace and both families are more supportive of children then they were of parents. Money from their estate, 401k, social security, government, and community fund raiser should cover them financially and college tuition would be free so they’ll be okay financially but emotional healing would take a life time.

    • Steve Someone says:

      That’s right, defend the killer by casting insinuations at he victim. She shouldn’t have married that piece of trash in the first place. You can tell he was trouble by looking at his face.

  3. Ashley says:

    Gardner never cheated on her. There is a lot about this story that is not being reported. Gardner never would have touched any of his children inappropriately. He was a good man that was pushed to the end of his rope. I am not saying what he did was right but there is a lot that is not known by the media. I hope that the children will be able to cope with the help of family and friends.

  4. Hopeful says:

    Wishing the families and friends of this couple the ability to heal from this….

  5. Zip it. says:

    If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all. It is easy to write mean things and hateful things behind a computer screen but if you can think these things when you know three children lost both their parents and probably had a lot of troubled times due to their father being in the negative place he was in (clearly to do something like this you have to be a sick person) then have mercy and pray for the goodness of this world and put your negative energy into something positive.

    If you have any education, class or a sliver of love in your heart you will realize that people do not choose what skin color they are born with or what features they have. That is how God made them. Do not hate people because of things they cannot choose. Please remember the innocent lives impacted by this sad loss. And please, take a moment to spread love not hate. God help you.

  6. Case Cracker says:

    According to public records he was arrested last month for
    INDECENCY W/CHILD SEXUAL CONTACT could be the reason she filed for divorce and led to this MESS 3 kids with no parents….Please give them the strength to get through this

  7. Tom says:

    Once you go Black you don’t come back alive.

  8. Frank says:

    Basically they can cheat on their woman (even MLK did that), but it the woman finds another man it’s OJ time.

  9. Steve says:

    Basically they can cheat on their woman but as soon as the woman starts to see another man it’s OJ Time.

  10. Steve says:

    This happens a lot to mudsharks. They never learn.

    • Mudshark? says:

      Steve… So his happened because the guy was black? With that kind of racist stuff in your heart, I hope you are given grace to get right with God before you die… Are you ready to see God face to face? Come to Jesus while you can so you that when you do, you can see Him face to face in peace… Right now, your heart shows where you are…

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