Published On: Sun, May 9th, 2021

Planning to visit a sunny destination, healthy too!

Everyday life can be daunting and challenging if you are not adequately taking care of yourself. As for a fact, there is no better way to treat yourself and your loved ones than taking some time off from all the worries. No matter if you are looking for warm places to visit in winter or planning a spontaneous weekend get-away in summer – traveling will help you improve your quality of life and well-being.

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Even though the US has so much to offer when it comes to vacation destinations, future plans for going abroad has proven beneficial in many ways. First of all,  trip planning itself will bring you happiness and satisfaction. Cornell University researchers suggest that spending money on travel elicits more excitement and joy than acquiring any other physical possession.

What’s more, getting away will improve your mental and physical health. Even a short four-day vacation can help to significantly reduce your stress levels and keep your “batteries recharged” for over a month after you return. Traveling is also correlated with lower risks of heart diseases, as it increases your physical activity.

Last but not least, taking a break off from work can save you from burnout by increasing creativity. Exposing yourself to different cultures and environments will widen perspectives; inspire you to grow personally and professionally. Staying for a while in an unfamiliar background will strengthen your sense of self and gain more confidence. So pack up your suitcase and enjoy the growth of the lifetime!

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What are the best sunny places to visit?

Choosing a travel destination brings much joy. However, it is easy to be carried away. Before booking flights, we recommend checking a few things: travel restrictions, what activities the place has to offer, typical weather conditions for that area, and the best way to get there. 

Why bother? Keeping an eye on travel restrictions will help you to avoid flight cancellations and ensure a safe journey. Researching the most popular attractions and activities give you an overview of what to expect from your trip. Perhaps you are looking for peaceful time-off. However, picking a resort known for its aqua park will result in crowded swimming pool areas with children playing next to your favorite sunbathing spot.

Imagine arriving at your holiday location and having to stay in because of never-ending thunderstorms. You can simply prevent that by picking sunny destinations or traveling during the summer season. Typically, the sunniest countries lay near the equator. However, tropical climate usually comes with either humidity or drought and hot temperature, which is not preferred by some. 

For instance, the warmest and sunniest city  is Yuma, AZ – the temperature here reaches over 90° F. Still, the lack of precipitation might make the place unbearable to stay for a longer time. So quick research on the weather before the trip will help you make the most of your vacation. 

Your vacation is only a flight away

When you choose your dream destination, the next step is to check their visitor website for any Covid-19 testing requirements and then book airplane tickets. Considering that the global pandemic still has an enormous impact on traveling, we recommend selecting flights with fewer (or none) layovers. This will decrease the number of human interactions that endanger your health. 

Now, when you know what you are looking for, choosing your next travel destination should be easy. To inspire you, we would like to share our top picks for best sunny vacation spots.

Turks and Caicos Islands

The paradise of luxury, located in the Caribbean Sea, will let you feel like royalty. The islands are famous for crystal-clear water, magnificent beaches, elegant restaurants, exclusive resorts, and top-rated golf courses. Nature treasures as beautiful lagoons and bays will make any journey more magical – during your stay, do not forget to visit Half Moon Bay and take in unforgettable sights of the islands. So if you are looking for a peaceful hideaway, Turks and Caicos are waiting for you.

What’s more, the islands have one of the lowest rainfall averages in the Caribbean region – you can enjoy sun in the destination all year round.


This Caribbean island is where your adventure unfolds – always sunny location is filled with adrenaline-pumping activities and breathtaking nature. Begin your day by zipping through the jungle on high wires. Then, take a swim with Southern Stingrays in the afternoon and visit the Devils Bridge – it will give you a glimpse into Antigua’s natural formation. End your day by watching the sunset with your significant other on a romantic helicopter tour. 

If you ever get tired of active leisure, the locals will take care of you in the most exclusive resorts and spa centers, so you would truly feel like a pampered action film hero.

Saint-Barthelemy Island

If you dream of escaping everyday worries, visit St. Barth’s island – this is where exclusive luxury meets ancient cultures. Take advantage of elite hotels and spa centers, treat yourself with globally appreciated gastronomic masterpieces or explore French-influenced culture by visiting centuries old churches and castles – Karl Fort opens up an extraordinary view of the whole Gustavia town.

The island is also the most loved spot for a warm winter or spring vacation. Get plenty of Vitamin D by visiting anytime from December to June – that is when you can expect the most sun. From June to September, the sunshine brings the hottest season with an average temperature of 90° F, so, remember to add the sunscreento your packing list.

Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is an accessible vacation destination that will exceed your expectations. One of the most biodiverse countries offers an unforgettable glimpse into the miracles of nature – nearly half a million plant and animal species. The excellent way to enjoy it is to take a canopy tour or get scuba diving gear, as the country is famous for its perfect conditions for surfing and other water activities.

Another pleasant surprise for tourists is Irazu volcano, open for visitors only 18 miles from the capital San Jose. So hop on the earliest plane and discover this wonderful country.


Some say that the island is surrounded by mystery. But those who visit Bermuda experience a welcoming atmosphere and emerge into the peaceful pace of life. Cozy architecture, pink sand beaches, and turquoise waters is a perfect hideaway for those who want to take time to refocus on what’s important.  Get inspired by climbing to the top of Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse or taking the sea express around the island. Learn about the culture by visiting the National Museum and witnessing a light-hearted historical reenactment in St. George’s King Square.

Island’s warm climate and never-ending sunshine make it a vacation destination with many outdoor activities. With such a wide variety, you will not have to wonder what to do next – simply focus on your needs because Bermuda will always have something to offer.

If flights are not available, keep in mind that private jets fly on your schedule.

Author: Maria Andreas

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