Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Phosphorus Determined to Make Genetic Testing More Mainstream

In a recent interview, Alexander Bisignano, the Chief Executive Officer of Phosphorus, a biotech corporation that addresses numerous illnesses using genetic testing, helping people lead healthier and more productive lives, disclosed why he believes his company is successful and the attributes that make them stand out from their competition. 

DNA double helix photo by This image was released by the National Human Genome Research Institute, an agency part of the National Institutes of Health

The Mission

Phosphorus‘s mission statement is to not only assist people through genomics but make genetic testing more available to the general population. Bisignano said he discovered how relatively limited this major health asset is to most individuals when working for Recombine, the company he previously ran. 

Bisignano disclosed that fewer than four percent of all-American citizens could claim to have been administered a genetic test as part of their health maintenance repertoire. Phosphorus’s chief executive also believes that that figure is relatively small because of numerous medical, social, and technical reasons. 

Motivation to Start Phosphorus 

Bisignano recollects spending several years working for obstetrics and infertility clinics. There, he had the good fortune of helping prospective parents identify potentially fatal genetic disorders they risked passing on to their children. That said, this joy was tempered in knowing that the scientific world’s current landscape makes such medical treatment difficult for most individuals to access. 

The executive continued that these circumstances were unfortunate because numerous ailments researchers understand reasonably well how said maladies formulate, mutate, and respond to drugs. In response, Bisignano and a team of scientists created PhosphorusONE, a genetic test, studying more than 400 genes for flaws and other anomalies. 

Societal View of Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has been associated with significant examples of malfeasant and unscrupulous behavior in history. Bisignano understands these sentiments and believes that society is becoming educated to the fact that genetic testing has a valuable place in modern medicine. 

How Is Phosphorus Different From Its Competitors?

Bisignano maintains that his company has adopted a proactive stance towards introducing genetic testing to the broader population. Phosphorus’s leader claimed that testing for various genetic conditions has been in existence for several years. However, in most cases, the administration is not given until patients are stricken with illness. 

These mandates are antiquated and genuinely do not offer patients the assistance they need. Phosphorus genomics aims to test people long before any potentially significant genetic problems present themselves, so, tested individuals can possess such knowledge and make appropriate medical and lifestyle choices. 

A researcher examines samples in the Digestive Health Research Institute at CWRU School of Medicine
Image/CWRU School of Medicine

The Future of Genetic Testing

Bisignano believes genetic testing will slowly progress towards becoming a mainstay in the modern medical industry. The executive suggests this development would be positive in that more people would receive such administration as part of their healthcare regiment. 

As far as his company is concerned, that prediction could have incredibly positive implications. Bisignano maintains that at least half of his business’s dealings revolve around a process called technology licensing. During this procedure, Phosphorus will license merchandise, such as its testing software and chemistry to institutions, like hospital labs and those employed by private medical practices. 

If Bisignano had his druthers, he would like to see the industry evolve to where genetic testing is readily available to everyone long before they experience illness. While this might be a lofty goal, Bisignano opines that it is not a pipedream. 

About Alexander Bisignano

Alexander Bisignano obtained a degree in molecular biology from Princeton University. Since entering the scientific world, he has become a renowned figure in the genetics field. His work has been presented at major meetings of various American and European scientific conventions and has appeared on major television networks, like the Fox News Channel and Bloomberg Television.

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