Published On: Wed, Jun 3rd, 2015

Peter King’s relentless social media attacks on Rand Paul does not go without response

New York Congressman, Peter King, whose resentment and hatred for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is not a new revelation; however, with the recent NSA filibuster by Paul and the end of the Patriot Act as we know it, the stodgy King went to social media like a teenager attempting to disparage Dr. Paul.

Although Sen Paul unfortunately appears alone among his fellow Senators, the citizenry who saw King’s venom on Facebook and Twitter clearly defended the Duke trained ophthalmologist.

On June 1st, when fellow neoconservative Sen Lindsey Graham threw his hat in the presidential ring, King wrote the following: Lindsay Graham’s entry into the Presidential race is a victory for common sense. Like Marco Rubio, Lindsay is a Senator who believes in defending America. Unlike Rand Paul he is not a clone of Edward Snowden and will not undermine America’s security while raising campaign dollars from the maladjusted fringes.

This bonehead statement was met by a plethora of responses:

Lindsey Graham broke his Oath of Office when he co-sponsored the Unconstitutional provisions in the NDAA of 2011. Peter King has made his position clear: the people don’t matter. All hail the leaders, who may rule by dictate and break their own laws. Fascism at its best.

If we get attacked will it be Rand Paul’s fault? Is so, then the Boston bombing is your fault. You had domestic spying in place and failed to stop the attack. The truth is that you are a joke, a terrorist and a traitor.


Comedy Hour on Peter King’s Facebook page is brought to you by: The Military Industrial Complex and the NSA.

King’s zingers didn’t stop there. This next King statement even caught the ire of so-called conservative talk radio–The overwhelming Senate vote to reauthorize the NSA is a great victory for America in the ongoing war against Islamist terrorism. It is a massive defeat for ISIS, Snowden and Rand Paul. Thankfully the Congress and the American people have seen through all the misinformation and propaganda spread by Rand Paul, his fellow Isolationists and the woefully misguided souls who would follow them over the cliff. God bless America!

One critic said–Mr. King, Scum like you are exactly what our forefathers warned us about! Surveillance of the American people while allowing an open border and importing Middle Easterners puts a huge hole in your lie that you are making us safer. You, Mr. King are just New World Order scum and a traitor to this country. May you receive your just rewards!

One commenter summed it up by writing–Even by Peter King standards, I’m absolutely stunned by this post. I truly hope that not one Democrat, Republican, or American can support this nonsense and King is out of public life shortly.

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