Published On: Wed, Mar 4th, 2020

Personal loans: Everything you need to know

Whatever your goals that concern finances, a personal loan can be a great option that enables you to obtain the finances you need at a schedule that suits you. With flexible repayments available and great service through a team like the one at Citrus Loans, they’re most preferred personal loan lenders for thousands of responsible adults throughout the UK each month. 

Let’s look now at the personal loan itself: what it is, why it’s a great option and all the important points you need to keep in mind as you consider one yourself.

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What is a personal loan? 

It’s a great option for any adult who is looking to obtain finance to make a big decision in life. Commonly used for businesses and the renovation or purchase of a property, they’re also important tools in an adult’s arsenal for other large expenses such as holidays or buying a new or used car.

A personal loan is useful because your repayment rates will generally be lower the better your credit score is. That’s a beneficial reward for any adult who has done a good job of keeping their credit rating high over the years! 

Better yet, the personal loan as is offered through a team like ours here at Citrus Loans doesn’t necessarily need capital to be approved. Compared to traditional loans from authorities and banks, this makes the personal loan a great modern option that can be obtained in short order and at a repayment schedule and interest rate to suit you.

Why would I need a personal loan?

There are many reasons why adults take personal loans through trusted providers like Citrus. Here are the most common! 

Merging and consolidating your repayments: It’s a sensible option to consolidate your debt and repayments sometimes. The admin burden of managing many different payments at different dates can clash with your other obligations in life, and it only takes one missed payment to incur heavy fees and a hit to your credit score. Taking a personal loan out from Citrus means you can consolidate all your repayments into a single one at a schedule that works better for you.

Renovating or buying a house: Whether for your family or your business, buying a property or having work done on it costs serious money! It’s also an important life purchase for many adults in the UK, and the ability to obtain some extra money to make it happen sooner can make a real impact on your life for the better. Citrus Loans are committed to helping adults in these situations, and we’re proud to do so.

Buying a car: Cars keep adult life moving – literally! They’re important for getting to work each day and for seeing friends and loved ones. A personal loan can help you buy a better car than would otherwise be the case, saving you money in the long term by cutting down on repair and maintenance costs.

And many more: Personal loans are great because they can be used for any legitimate need that you have. As long as you are approved your loan via a broker like Citrus Loans, you’ll be in great hands and ready to use your finances to get what you need to stay ahead in life. That’s great stuff, if you ask us!

Can we help? Get in touch and enquire today

If you’d like to speak to the Citrus team directly, you can chat with them always.  Visit their website to learn more about their service or to make your own personal loan application today. Take care!

Author: Sanvi Kapoor

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