Published On: Mon, Feb 1st, 2016

Pedestrians With a Plan: Ways to Avoid Being Hit by a Vehicle

Today’s society moves faster than a teenager can send a text.  While faster and better technology offers many benefits, having your head down in your smartphone can create more accidents, especially when walking the streets as a pedestrian.  As we all know, pedestrians aren’t always the ones at fault; plenty of drivers are texting and talking while behind the wheel, making things even more unsafe.

Stay Alert

It seems simple enough but paying attention should be a full time job when walking along busy streets.  Reduce the chances of becoming a victim by making safe decisions and watching for unsafe behaviors of drivers, cyclers, and other walkers.  Obey traffic laws as they relate to pedestrians and stay alert of reckless drivers.  A recent Federal Bureau of Transportation Safety stat finds that pedestrians are at fault almost half of the time when involved in a vehicle-pedestrian collision.

Rough Road Sign public domain

Rough Road Sign public domain

Be Extra Cautious During Night and Break of Day

Drivers cannot see as well at night and at dusk.  A lack of sight inspires a slower response, which makes vehicles more dangerous to pedestrians.  Be extra cautious during these times.  Consider wearing reflective clothing when walking and jogging at night or in the early morning hours.  You want traffic to spot you from the front and back.

Use Sidewalks and Available Pedestrian Crossings

Sometimes it’s more convenient to cross wherever, but make it a habit to use sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks.  Not only is it the law (You could get a ticket for disobeying traffic laws), but it’s best practice when it comes to safety and protecting yourself from harm.  If no sidewalk is present, always face traffic, so you can see the driver and it’s more likely they can see you.

Teach Children Well

Children are impressionable and look to parents and guardians to make good choices.  While less mature, young children are smaller and cannot be seen well by motorists.  Teach children to be aware pedestrians, especially at the end of the school day, when a high percentage of accidents involving child pedestrians occur.  If you or a young member of your family is injured in an accident, it’s necessary to seek professional help and counsel.  Indianapolis truck accidents lawyers can help you seek the compensation you deserve from trucking companies that may have a fleet of defense lawyers.

Fast Facts

Based on NCSA stats from 2013:

  • 4,735 pedestrians were killed and 66,000 injured
  • 4,653 crashes featured one or more pedestrian fatalities
  • A pedestrian was killed every 2 hours
  • A pedestrian injury occurred every 8 minutes
  • More fatalities occur in urban areas (72%)
  • More fatalities occurred in non-intersection areas (69%)
  • More fatalities occurred in the dark (72%)

Accidents happen but there are ways to lessen the likelihood of such.  Stay aware and more in control of your own destiny.  Teach children best practices when walking alone, with peers, and along with other adults.  Seek professional help if you, a friend, or family member is involved in an accident.

Archie Lowe is a retired ambulance paramedic who now spends his days writing articles. Most are safety related so as to try and raise awareness and lower the number of accidents. His articles appear on health and safety, lifestyle and auto blogs.

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