Published On: Wed, Jan 21st, 2015

‘Patterns of Evidence: Exodus’ review: New analysis puts pressure on science for truth

Filmmaker Tim Mahoney calls into question hundreds of years of archeological discoveries that suggest there is no evidence of the biblical Exodus. The film, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, was screened in select theaters across the U.S.via Fathom Events followed by a Q&A with an all-star panel.

Don’t expect Mahoney or Patterns to get accolades from scientists or fellow documentarians as the film turns the “accepted facts” on their head and challenge conventional dates and theories surrounding the biblical event.

Patterns of Evidence Exodus bannerThe film focuses on the historical evidence of Abraham’s great-grandson Joseph’s descent into Egypt as a slave, his rise to power as the pharaoh’s key advisor, the shift of wealth that occurred in Egypt under Joseph’s administration, avoiding the devastating famine, the emigration and establishment of Joseph’s extended family in Egypt, the enslavement of the Hebrew people, the ten plagues and Red Sea miracle which destroyed Egypt’s economy and army making the nation vulnerable to invasion by the Hyksos, as well as the subsequent conquest of Canaan by the nation of Israel under the direction of Joshua.

What viewers witnessed was a checklist of “proofs” validating every single event, person and activity, despire being denied by conventional scientists/archaeologists.

Mahoney never mocks his experts, but in fact, revert back over and over again to give them another chance to explain the bones of Jews which predate Rameses, the tomb of this man who sounds a lot like Joseph, an Egyptian document which recounts the exact pattern as the plagues or how the Jericho dig site doesn’t validate the biblical account.

“I believe the Bible is God’s Word, and God is powerful enough to not only part the Red Sea and have his people cross on dry ground, but that his Word has integrity,” said Anne Graham Lotz , the second daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham.

“I was raised in a Christian home and I have always believed the Exodus happened because the Bible said it happened. In a sense, that’s good enough. And the thing I love about this film is that Tim Mahoney has taken archeology and history and looked at it in terms of Scripture, instead of looking at the Bible through the lens of archeology and history. We don’t stand in judgment over God’s Word, God’s Word stands in judgment over us.”

This illustration used in Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus (also in the book, see below) shows the upper wall of time as the traditional view of Egyptian chronology and the “late Exodus” view, which places the Exodus at about 1250 BC, during the reign of Ramses the Great. The colored blocks indicate events analyzed in the film as archaeological evidence for these events has “not found,” but if the timeframe is shifted backward (white arrow) about two centuries toward Egypt’s Middle Kingdom, and the Exodus is placed around 1450 BC, archaeology tells another story – the biblical story.

Mahoney doesn’t call for a leap of faith, but proposes that the evidence warrants and honest re-evaluaton of the “scientific consensus.”

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus receives 5 out of 5 stars.

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