Published On: Mon, Aug 10th, 2015

Pastor JD Greear discusses choosing ‘pro-life Soviet Union’ vesus a ‘pro-choice United States’ on abortion law

The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina pastor J.D. Greear spoke at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission event titled “The Gospel and Politics” and made an odd comparison between freedom on abortion with the Soviet Union.

Greear told those gathered in Nashville that “the very freedoms we enjoy to talk about these things come from generations of Christians who applied their worldview to politics.”

Hosted by Southern Baptist Convention, Pastor Greear said he would rather live in a “pro-choice United States” than a “pro-life Soviet Union.”
Greear argued that the “Judeo-Christian tradition” was a system that championed “individual liberty” and “freedom of conscience” that were once “largely unheard of” elsewhere.

“I would not want to live in a ‘pro-life Soviet Union,’ even if they had the question of when life begins correct. In fact, if the only option was a ‘pro-choice United States’ or a ‘pro-life Soviet Union,’ I’d probably pick a ‘pro-choice U.S.’ as the place I would want to live,” said Greear.

“Because the blessings of freedom of conscience and speech are the greatest of all freedoms and the greatest gifts the Christian worldview has bestowed upon the world.”

Greear also told those gathered that churches “have to be involved” in political actions, pointing to among other things Paul of Tarsus’ command that believers should pray for leaders.

“We have to continue to stress the necessity of the Judeo-Christian worldview in order for the principles of our government to work,” said Greear.

“To my fellow pastors I will say, we need to, in our churches, be raising up the next generations of senators, and presidents, and congressmen.”

“Tired of politics as usual? Stay an extra day after the SEND North America conference for the 2015 ERLC National Conference on ‘The Gospel and Politics,'” read the ERLC’s description on their website.

“… [T]he ERLC National Conference will equip you for Gospel-centered political engagement that applies the Gospel to the pressing issues of our day.”


photo by rotemliss via wikimedia commons

photo by rotemliss via wikimedia commons


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