Published On: Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015

‘Our Great Big American God’ book review

Does God need America? Author Matthew Paul Turner doesn’t contend the statement to be valid, but takes the reader on a journey to illustrate how America’s “partnership” with God has installed religious freedom and spread the gospel and serving the world well.

From “America’s Pentecost”in Kentucky back in 1801 to Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin regurgitating the words of John Winthrop into modern politics, Turner attempts to demonstrate “that America would become God’s shining example to the world how society and religion should coexist…”

Our Great Big American God Matthew Paul TurnerTurner drops names and events throughout history, scratching at religious wounds of the reader. From Rob Bell to jerry Falwell, Turner will find someone you disagree with or give you have something to search on Wikipedia (e.g. try to better understand: Puritans, Thomas Hooker, Reverend Cotton, Jonathan Edwards or George Whitefield)

Turner never holds back, calling Patrick Henry the “chief abuser” of using “God to support America’s war for independence” or painting Pat Robertson and Glenn Beck as “gripers.”

The overview of Calvinism and America’s Second Great Awakening guides readers through more history which is usually absent from public education. Sadly, Turner reveals his dislike of “theologians” who take the Bible so literal, clearly being a supporter of the Rob Bell theology.

Turner speaks frankly about the effects of the Bible ,stating that the “pretty paper” can “make human relationships with others more difficult,” turning “regular Joes into pontificating biblical elitists, and make everyday normal molehills into mountains…”

He includes passages on slave ownership, linking “God was a slave owner” to the humans who misinterpreted God, indicting the deity and directions for bondservants.

The portrayals becomes somewhat incendiary towards fundamental Christians, but Turner instigates some thoughtful evaluation of historical events, including the Civil War and civil rights movement in 1960s.

The balance between praising and criticizing Christians can difficult but “Our Great Big American God” is commendable as Turner weaves back and forth between influential figures such as DL Moody, Walter Rauschenbusch and even President McKinley.

Billy Graham is highly regarded by evangelicals but Turner’s analysis paints a different picture of a “tycoon” and a “media empire leader” and this would turn off some readers, but not those more “liberal” Christians.

Overall “Our Great Big American God” credits God as being big and growing in this entertaining read – overall it receives 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Visit Turner’s website: http://matthewpaulturner.com/our-big-great-american-god/

Get a copy via Amazon here

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