Published On: Wed, Aug 15th, 2018

Opera Launches Built-In Cryptocurrency Wallet for its Desktop Browser


Opera recently launched a crypto wallet function within its desktop browser marking a significant addition to the features of this web browser. More specifically, Opera can now receive, send, or store digital currency becoming the most significant website browser to have such capabilities.

Currently, this Opera has a market share of 1.47% to 3.5% when it comes to desktop users. This cryptocurrency wallet is now open to all of them. It is worth noting that Operas market share may increase as well because cryptocurrency traders may find it appealing. Remember, some analysts estimate that 50 million crypto traders exist worldwide. These statistics may be accurate because 22 million Bitcoin wallets are active worldwide. Unfortunately, these wallets are not on the same platform as web browsers are.

In contrast, Opera’s new function makes it possible for them to use one platform to surf the internet while trading in cryptocurrency. That means they can adjust their wallets as soon as cryptocurrency news changes the dynamics of the digital currency market.

Previously, moving from the web browser to the crypto wallet was an unnecessary waste of time. That is particularly true when the market is experiencing volatility. In other words, things can change in a split second as you move from one platform to another.

Other Steps Taken By Opera This Year

Opera recently launched a beta version of its Android browser. This version, launched in July 2018, included a crypto wallet function. The launch date suggests that the concept of integrating crypto wallets into a browser started a while back. In fact, the build-up to implementing it started as early back as June 2018.

More specifically, Robinhood posted an advertisement for cryptocurrency engineers at the end of this month. Interestingly, the recent change to Opera’s desktop browser resulted from the work of these engineers. The industry was also rife with rumors that Robinhood was building a system that offers native functionality for crypto wallets.

Opera says that cryptocurrency traders exhibited a keen interest in its Android version. This high level of interest emboldened the company leading to the quick release of the desktop version of this Wallet-enabled browser. Another bold move taken by Opera was the introduction of protective software on its browser to limit breaches to cryptocurrency accounts.

Features That Make This Desktop Version Worthwhile

Scanning a QR code would help you synchronize your desktop and mobile apps. That means you can use your phone’s lock system to secure the desktop version of this app. IN fact, using fingerprint technology is also possible if your phone has that as a locking system.

Using this technology helps you avoid passwords and the inconveniences that come with creating, handling, and remembering them. Interestingly, the phone stores the keys instead of a centralized server making it user-controlled.

Finally, Charles Hamel, a senior Opera employee, recently declared that the company would maintain its momentum when it came to facilitating crypto transactions. This momentum includes the fact that this application supports various tokens and digital collectibles. Try it sometime soon.

Author: Andrew Cioffi

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