Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

Online Gaming Impacting Education in China and the United States

Forbes China reports that online gaming has surpassed $27.5 billion in revenue in China. The United States’ online gaming revenue is at $25.1 billion with one billion total online gamers worldwide.

India had the biggest rise in online gamers, rising from the 20th to the 17th spot on the top list with revenue rising to $818 million. Smartphone gaming accounts for 78% of the total revenue in India’s gaming market.

The rise in online gaming revenue has led many companies to focus on education. The education industry is utilizing online games to help break through learning barriers for children.

photo/ Alexandra / München

Studies have shown that gaming can increase the brain’s cognitive abilities. The study, from the Universite de Geneve, found that the brain learns and adapts with extended video game use. The impact on the brain’s cognitive function was shown to increase perception while reducing reaction time. Data from the past 15 years was assembled to show gamers exhibit a significant improvement in their cognitive abilities versus their peers.

China and the United States, the two markets where online gaming is most prevalent, are benefitting the most from online gaming. Gamers are showing higher multitasking skills and cognitive function than non-gamers. From driving games to MMORPGs, online games have proven to be beneficial.

Enduvo’s virtual reality platform is also expected to revolutionize learning. The platform, created at the Jump Simulation Center, offers virtual reality teaching. Students load Enduvo on to their computer, put on a virtual reality headset, and they stand with a virtual instructor the entire time.

The platform allows students to review, rewind, fast forward and watch lectures as they please.

Informational media is present in the air around them when the platform is loaded allowing students to learn the information at will. There’s also the ability to enlarge mediums, such as a heart, to walk inside of it and explore

Enduvo offers a 3D platform where users can explore subject matter in a new and exciting way. The first commercial product of ARCHES, Enduvo is already being presented to higher learning institutes. The National Institutes of Health are preparing to use the Enduvo platform to teach doctors in rural areas new techniques.

Enduvo allows for 3D creations of hearts through medical scans from patients. The potential of the platform allows doctors to perform a scan and literally “walk through” the heart prior to surgery. Enduvo’s platform has the potential to change the way college and high school students learn in the future.

Studies done on the effectiveness of the Enduvo platform and virtual reality on learning are underway.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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