Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Online Dating is Pandemic Rescue

The coronavirus epidemic COVID-19 has caused many negative consequences for people around the world, affecting everyone without exception. And if some suffer from the disease, others are forced to adopt a new lifestyle in social isolation.

Trying to protect our loved ones and maintain our own health, many of us were cut off from our friends and relatives. Regular evenings in cafes, dancing until morning in nightclubs, romantic dates, and walks in parks are out of the question now. It is impossible to meet people and build relationships if all this has become unavailable for weeks and months. Or is it still possible?

In the midst of global disaster, we remain connected by the invisible threads of the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why communication and online dating are in demand in this difficult time more than ever before. Moreover, there is a considerable list of specialized websites with most functions being either absolutely free or having affordable cost. We will talk about them below.

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Dating Websites and Applications

The choice among several thousand platforms for dating and building relationships will certainly satisfy the needs of the most scrupulous seeker of communication. From minimalistic services for texting to the selection of partners among 22 genders, the possibilities of communication have never been so wide. Let’s go over the most functional and popular websites and applications at the present time.

Tinder is perfect for those who don’t like to wait

We are sure you have heard about this one. It is not the first year that Tinder gallops across countries, continuing to grow its audience. There is no need to list the functionality of the application in detail, so let’s focus on the main feature – its speed.

The speed with which you can view hundreds of profiles of other users and start communication, in fact, personifies the rhythm in which the modern person generally lives. Swipe to the right, swipe to the left. Is there mutual sympathy? Then, without unnecessary expectations, start communicating and getting to know each other.

According to statistics, relationships in couples that met using such a service almost always develop faster than those that use the “traditional approach.” Therefore, Tinder with its huge number of users, conciseness, and nativeness is an ideal choice for those who do not need long-term courtship and months of timid looks.

Bumble is perfect for initiative girls and confident men

In many ways, Bumble is Tinder’s ideological successor (after the success of the second, many others borrowed its ideas). A bright and attractive application also uses “swipe” to assess the proposed candidates. However, if the dating process is accelerated in Tinder due to the fact that any of the matching pairs can write the first message, Bumble decided to go the other way.

After the couple expresses mutual sympathy, the right of choice passes to the girl. She should be the first one to write to the partner, thus confirming her interest in further acquaintance. She has 24 hours to do this: after a day, the “request” will become irrelevant and she will no longer be able to contact the young man she likes. All this leads to two conclusions.

Conclusion 1: Bumble is perfect for a girl who prefers to choose a partner not only on her own but also thoughtfully and leisurely. 24 hours allocated to make the final decision is another chance to weigh the pros and cons after first sympathy.

Conclusion 2: men who have no problems with self-confidence will “fit” into the Bumble atmosphere. Many young people already feel an increased responsibility in getting to know each other, because they expect initiative, compliments, beautiful gestures from them, this is why the first contact with the girl becomes like walking on thin ice. And here you find yourself completely dependent on a glimpse without the ability to somehow express yourself, until the girl herself decides whether your profile is worthy of continuing the communication.

Therefore, if you fall into one of the described categories Bumble is perfect for you. The popularity and audience of the application are now growing rapidly, while the selection of partners is a little more thoughtful than in Tinder.

PlentyOfFish is perfect for those, looking for a partner

POF was created over 16 years ago and today it is one of the largest dating websites in the world. According to representatives of the dating service, there are at least 90 million people registered on the website around the world. At the same time, at least 2 million of them visit POF daily. What is the advantage of the website, in addition to a huge audience?

It’s all about the mechanism of selecting people who are suitable for each other. To do this, the service uses the POF Chemistry Predictor personality test, which can be completed during registration. The system evaluates each user for self-confidence, family, self-control, dependence on public opinion, and sociability. Based on the data obtained, the most suitable candidates for partners are selected.

The results show that this mechanism really works well, and matches of partners based on the characteristics taken into account really turn out to be better than regular filter matching. Therefore, if you are determined not just to find an interlocutor during social isolation, but to meet a like-minded person with whom you can build a serious relationship, POF may be the ideal option.

Online Video Chats with New People

The video chat format, which has been popular for more than a decade, is especially joyful for those who are desperate without social interaction. Indeed, in half an hour on the website you can meet several dozens of people without getting up off the couch because all the work of finding a partner for the chat is done by the programmed system in accordance with the specified filters and settings. Why are video chats with strangers worth trying?

Chatrandom — in case you prefer to control random selection

ChatRandom was launched in 2011. By that time, many people had already appreciated all the advantages of random video chats, and this newbie had to try not only to get around but to catch up with already popular services. And today, the number of daily users is about 35,000.

As a defining feature of Chatrandom, it is worth highlighting themed chat rooms, which you can join even without registering. Thus, random interlocutors become less random, since you can communicate:

  • with those who look for a partner,
  • with students,
  • with those, who look for a friend,
  • as well as to join a chat room with ladies only…
  • or gays.

The system will still pick up interlocutors for you, but in this case, you can be sure that you have common interests with the person. For many people, such  “moderate” randomness can be much more comfortable than a “standard” one.

Shagle — maximum comfort with masks and auto-translation of messages

Available in 70 countries, a random video chat boasts of more than 1.5 million users worldwide. The main audience includes young people and ladies aged 25-34.

The basic principle of Shagle is the same as that of other random chats, however, it has features that provide increased convenience while using it. The first feature is absolute anonymity. You do not need to provide a name or address when connecting to the chat, you can also hide your face or use a mask if you are not sure that you want to be shown to the interlocutor.

The second feature takes care of language barriers between residents of different countries. A well-designed automatic translator is inbuilt into the text chat and is able to recognize 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. Thanks to this, you will always find a common language with your interlocutor. In addition, the translation function will be an excellent solution for those who cannot live without traveling and who suffer during the lockdown. With Shagle you can reach a country on the other side of the world in an instant.

CooMeet — high-quality and safe communication without compromise

If you are slightly tired of simple random video chats, where from time to time you can run into weird interlocutors, the time has come for a serious approach. Fortunately, there are random video chats where men with a 100% probability are connected only with pretty girls who want to chat.

This is the case when a random chat is able to offer not only pleasant interlocutors but also a real opportunity to meet your “soulmate”. And here we come close to a feature that sets CooMeet apart from other video chat with strangers. The site is controlled by a whole team of moderators and support staff who are responsible for the quality of the local audience, starting from checking each registered girl and ending with severe sanctions (up to a permanent ban) for violating the rules and etiquette of chatting.

Naturally, in accordance with the “good manners”, communication in CooMeet is completely anonymous and does not require registration.

We mentioned just a few websites where you can enjoy live chat with a wide variety of people from around the world. Today, the unity of the residents of all countries is felt especially sharply: we all experience the same difficulties, overcome the same difficulties and really look forward to the end of the pandemic. Therefore, maintaining contacts, continuing to get to know each other and talking to each other is important for a successful return to normal life just the same way as observing quarantine.

Author: Anna Melnikova

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  1. Johny says:

    I spend time on CooMeet with pleasure, nice chatroulette. It’s full of beautiful and interesting girls that are always ready to talk with you about everything you want. Besides it’s very simple to use and you don’t need to sign up. Just enter the site, turn on your camera and start communicating.

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  6. Dan says:

    CooMeet is a really great alternative to regular dating sites. No registration needed, very simple to use, full of ineteresting people from all over the world. It’s a nice chance to make new friends or maybe in the future meet your soulmate, who knows..I like spending my free time on CooMeet communicating and having fun.

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