Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2018

One Man’s Vision: Transforming the Mattress Industry

One of the greatest medical advances in recent history has been the understanding of how important sleep is to overall health for everyone.

Not only does sleep reinvigorate the body, but the electrical responses necessary for the brain to function properly are affected as well. Everyone feels and functions better after a good night’s sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects your ability to think clearly, according to the National Institutes For Health (NIH).

Many people, however, do not experience this recharged physical status as strongly as others because they sleep on inferior bedding. One man set out to change that, by shaking up the mattress industry.

Enter PangeaBed.

Quality First and Foremost

Martin Requeiro is the co-founder of PangeaBed, and the driving force behind the copper-topped mattress product.

Long understanding the health advantages of proper rest, Requeiro set out with one simple idea of producing a mattress of higher quality than practically any other on the market.

It’s also a unique design because he uses the even heating and cooling characteristics of copper as part of the actual mattress. Copper has historically been used in a wide variety of ways and is known to distribute temperature changes quickly and evenly.

The makeup of the mattress and copper latex topper were first priority, with the box being secondary.

Additional Health Properties of Copper

While consistent heat and cooling distribution is important for a good night’s sleep, there are other health advantages afforded when using copper as a primary ingredient in mattress quality. Chief among those attributes is the fact that copper is resistant to the development of micro-bacterial agents that can cause a mattress to lose its effectiveness over time.

Bacterial microbes cannot build resistance to the effects of copper. In addition, copper resists tarnish and corrosion over time as well, as it has proven to have more longevity in application than practically any other metallic substance with the possible exception of pure gold.

The PangeaBed Combination

PangeaBed is a complete bedding system.

The actual combination for the PangeaBed is a bottom mattress with a Copper Topper that provides cool and clean rest for the user.

The unit sets internally into a casing that then sits atop a sleek bed frame that can be purchased in addition to the mattress. There are also PangeaBed pillows designed to supplement the mattress ensemble for a full healthy sleeping experience.

A Better Buying Experience

Producing a better mattress product was not Martin Requeiro’s only focus on quality.

He realized also that the magic of the Internet was an excellent vehicle to offer a quality product backed by technological superiority.

We are merchants first, advertisers second. Our design team has over 70 years’ experience in the industry.  We differentiated PangeaBed by simply using all our knowledge to create a better, longer-lasting mattress, then we figured out how to market it,” explained Regueiro.

Today’s buyer wants convenience, but also a personal touch when it comes to customer service. The product itself sells itself by being high quality and the fact that it is 100% American made, so people can shop in the comfort of their own homes.

Many U.S. residents today make their economic choices in today’s marketplace based on American craftsmanship and national economic support.

Regueiro states, “When our team first visited the plant to first produce PangeaBed we noticed many other plants along that road that were empty.  That stuck with us. We want to build here and create more American jobs.”

Author: Blair Nicole

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