Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

Old school RuneScape Crafting Guide

The old school RuneScape game includes a variety of ways that authorize the user to progress in the game, and crafting is one of these methods. But what is crafting? Below is the answer to this question and a detailed guide on the OSRS crafting.

What is Crafting in OSRS?

In OSRS game, crafting is a type of a skill that grants the player to manufacture various things including pottery, armor, jewelry, and many other items that can be used for the trading or other purpose. 

The developers have also added a crafting guide in the game that can be visited in the northwest of Remington after the player reached level 40 or above. 

In the OSRS game, crafting is of different types like Runescape gold crafting, pottery, and many more. Below are some of the crafting that you can do in the OSRS game.

Leather crafting

Leather crafting demand for various item to start. A player will require a thread and a needle item in the game to start the leather crafting. 

You can buy needle, thread, and various other items from the Rimmington or Al-Kharid crafting shop located in the game. The player may require a single coin for ordinary leather, in order to get hard leather you need to have three coins, while 20 coins are required for the dragonhide. 

There are various other expensive tannery present in the game. One of the most famous locations for leather crafters is the cattle field, which is at the east of Lumbridge. 

Another place from where you can get the cowhide is the west of Crafting guide where a lot of cows are located in a small location. There you can kill many cows to get material for your crafting process. 

Jewellery Crafting

Jewelry crafting includes crafting of various material including sliver crafting, old school RuneScape gold crafting and few more. The player can do the silver crafting with the help of the cutting process.

You need various gems like semiprecious gems that will help you to get different silver jewelry item. These items can be utilized in many ways in the game. The user can take these items and get a good amount because they come in the expensive material category. 

Just like the silver crafting, gold crafting is also done by cutting various gems. But for the gold crafting, you may need some different kind of gems. You can get these gems by a process known as Mining.

 Various monsters usually drop these gems in the game. Or the player may also get these gems from random events. Furthermore, you can also buy OSRS gold in the game. 

If you are buying the old school RuneScape gold from a random website make sure to check their authorize and reviews because there are many scammers present in the market who will promise you about the deal but after getting the money they will not send you the OSRS gold. So be aware of these people while doing a deal.

Author: Algirdas Silkus

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