Published On: Wed, Jan 8th, 2020

Old-fashioned Skin Care: The Time-Tested Techniques

The skin is the outer covering of the body. It serves many purposes making it essential to give extra care to maintain its healthy tone. But as time goes by, the skin needs protection to prevent the effects of internal and external factors such as heat and light, injury, infection, as well as ageing. Since most people around the globe recognise this necessity, businesses have grabbed the opportunity to make profits out of skincare products. Harmful chemicals are now added to many products for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. 

But taking care of the skin is not only about the latest beauty regimens or state of the art procedures. For the longest time, the old-fashioned skincare techniques have shone among the rest – the simple yet effective methods that have been passed on to generations. 

Image by Nika Akin from Pixabay

Choose natural 

One reason why old-fashioned skincare is still loved until now is the use of natural materials. Who is not familiar with sliced cucumber for the under-eye cure, or oatmeal to soothe sensitive skin? Or even rosewater to help cure cuts and wounds? The advantages of using natural products are they are easy to acquire and affordable. 

Aside from the products of nature intended for external use, food intake is also crucial to maintain the glow of the skin. Junk food was not so prevalent during the old times, and most people ate freshly harvested produce. Eating fresh is suitable for general health, including the skin. It also ensures that the body covering is healthy inside and out. 

Steam bathing

Plunging into a hot tub, or sometimes called a thermal bath, is one of the oldest techniques for freeing the skin of dirt and toxins. This method is supported by a scientific explanation of how this happens. The pores open and flush out the harmful particles, and the hot temperature of the water improves blood circulation. These two essential benefits of steam bathing are enough to maintain the beauty of the skin. Now, steam baths have developed into whirlpool baths – a technology that pays respect to the old-fashioned skincare technique.  

Enough sleep and proper rest

Lack of sleep and rest is one of the causes of most skin problems. Sleep deprivation can affect wound healing, as well as collagen growth, and skin texture and hydration. It can also cause outbreaks of skin problems such as acne, eczema and skin allergies. The skin may also lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles. Those who have experienced sleep deprivation also feel restlessness which can result in significant health problems. 

It has long been advised to sleep and rest for seven to nine hours each night to achieve healthy and glowing skin. This period helps the body to recover from the damage it incurs while the body is active. 

Old-fashioned techniques never cease to bring sound effects in terms of caring for the skin. It is the lifestyle of people that changed and the promise of beauty that was not a consideration a long time ago. 

Author: Mildred Austria

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