Published On: Tue, Jan 12th, 2016

Ohio: AG Mike DeWine drops Planned Parenthood investigation of aborted babies being in landfill

Ohio’s attorney general has backed off investigating Planned Parenthood over its treating the remains of children aborted at its Ohio facilities like common waste as children’s remains were found in landfills. Planned Parenthood denied the charge and claimed that DeWine was on a witch hunt because his investigation into the Ohio abortion business found no proof it was trafficking in human remains, according.

Last month, Mike DeWine criticized the Ohio branch of Planned Parenthood for disposing of aborted children’s remains in landfills, the children’s bodies “apparently intermingled with other common residential and commercial trash,” in seeming violation of Ohio law.

A pre-emptive suit against the state of Ohio, meant to block DeWine, has been set aside, and DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) likewise dropped threat of legal action against Planned Parenthood, leaving the issue to state legislators to deal with.

 public domain pic from May 4 1916

public domain pic from May 4 1916

Ohio Administrative Code 3701-47-05 requires that a “fetus shall be disposed of in a humane manner.”

DeWine’s office found no evidence of Planned Parenthood selling human tissue in Ohio, but they did learn that Accu Medical Waste Service Inc., a waste disposal company contracted by the Cincinnati and Columbus Planned Parenthoods, was disposing of the children’s remains in a Kentucky landfill.

Accu Medical also uses a process on the baby remains called “autoclave,” a high-pressure steam treatment to kill infectious material, which DeWine said left the children’s bodies “steam-cooked.”

The Planned Parenthood in suburban Cleveland contracted for disposal of its aborted human remains with another vendor, Stericycle.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” DeWine said at the time. “It is important the public be aware that these practices are taking place at these Ohio facilities.”

Ohio Gov. and presidential candidate John Kasich applauded the attorney general’s investigation, calling DeWine’s findings “disturbing,” and commissioned DeWine and the state’s health department with taking appropriate legal action against Planned Parenthood.

DeWine spokesperson Dan Tierney said DeWine is “very pleased that the General Assembly intends to establish clear standards which ensure that the gruesome practice does not continue in Ohio” and that DeWine is willing to wait and see what the legislators do.

DeWine’s investigation of Planned Parenthood was a good thing, a local pro-life advocate said, yielding a positive result in the battle for the right to life.

“Attorney General Mike DeWine needs to be commended for his efforts to bring to the public’s attention the fact that abortion facilities are disposing of unborn children’s remains in an inhumane way,” Cleveland Right to Life president Molly Smith told LifeSiteNews. “His actions have highlighted the need for tougher legislation and regulations in this regard.”

“DeWine’s principled action resulting in his department’s findings of children being disposed of in landfills has shone a spotlight on the process and instigated meaningful debate that will hopefully result in the end of all abortions in Ohio as citizens are forced to face the reality of this deadly business,” Smith said.

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