Published On: Wed, Feb 5th, 2020

Offshore outsourcing for mobile and app development

Recent surveys discovered that mobile users spend 87% of their time on apps. That number comes to show the important role mobile apps have in today’s world.

That’s why more and more businesses are resorting to offshore development services to get their apps made. Doing that comes with a number of benefits and less hassle than you would get with an in-house team.

If you couple that figure with the projections that anticipate that mobile apps will generate 188.9 billion dollars in revenue by 2020, then you can finally get it – those are the reasons why it’s highly common to see businesses of all sizes getting on board with mobile app development.

This growing interest in developing apps has made it harder for companies to find the right talent to create theirs. That’s why more and more businesses are resorting to offshore development services to get their apps made. Doing that comes with a number of benefits and less hassle than you would get with an in-house team.

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So, if you’re considering getting into the mobile world with your own app,  read on to find why offshore development companies might be the best suit for your project.

Benefits of offshore development teams for mobile apps

There are several advantages of working with offshore developers in a mobile development project. Some of the most important ones include:

  1. Access to a bigger talent pool: when you search for developers to work in-house (or even within your own city or region), you are competing with lots of companies for a limited amount of experienced developers. That isn’t the case with offshore software outsourcing companies. These firms have lots of talented developers at their disposal and ready to work on any project on demand.
  2. Faster time to market: since everyone is rushing to get their mobile apps into the market, the development speed is crucial to get ahead. When you offshore software development, you’ll get a tighter timeline that would give you that advantage. That’s because offshore teams are ready to work on cue and they work based on deadlines that are met without excuses.
  3. Ability to focus on your core business: many businesses want to develop an app as an added channel for their customers. That means that the app isn’t their primary concern – nor it should be. That’s why offshore software development outsourcing companies are such a good option for them. These teams have the knowledge and expertise to develop your app the second you make your requirements clear. You don’t have to get into things you don’t know: while the offshore team works on your app, you can focus on core activities for your business (sales, lead generation, marketing).
  4. Reduced costs: if you were to hire an in-house team of mobile developers, you’d quickly see how your budget starts to sink. That doesn’t happen when you work with offshore development companies. That’s because you don’t need to hire talent in a competitive market nor you have to spend money on tech resources and infrastructure.
  5. Monitor and own the whole project: one of the biggest fears for companies outsourcing software development is losing their authority over the project. That’s plain wrong. Offshore developers are accustomed to work and report for remote companies, so you can monitor everything that happens in each stage of development. Additionally, the initial agreement ensures you are the sole proprietary of what’s being developed, meaning that your app can’t be resold to other parties.

How to correctly work with offshore development services

Anyone that has considered offshore software development for its mobile apps has surely had some concerns. That’s because the Internet is plagued with bad experiences of people working with remote teams that failed to deliver what the company wanted. Don’t want that to happen to your mobile development project? Then you need to follow these tips:

  • Define your needs and requirements: the first thing you need to do is determine what role will the app play in your business. It’s something related to your whole company, to your services, or to a specific product? Does it need to manage sensitive data? Does it integrate payments? What will be its main features? And what about the design? The answers to all of these questions will be provided by market research and some strategic insights.
  • Clearly state your requirements and expectations: after you know what you’ll need, you have to create a plan you’ll follow during the app development. Defining a budget, creating a guide with technical details and features for the app, and writing a timeline outlining deadlines and version dates are important tasks you need to do beforehand to better organize the development workflow.
  • Carry out a thorough offshore developers research: now it’s time to start looking for the offshore development teams. But before committing to one of them, you have to analyze which is the best suit for your requirements. There are plenty of things to consider here like experience in similar projects, ability with the selected programming language, communication skills, reviews on past work, and reputation. All of these factors and many others come into play when deciding which is the best candidate. Remember that your app’s success will entirely depend on the offshore software development company you pick.
  • Contact the best candidates and interview them: you can conduct the best possible research on offshore software outsourcing companies but it wouldn’t be complete without a meeting. You can meet in person or through video call but you have to meet to learn more about how the offshore developers would tackle your app’s development and for you to test the company’s communication skills and overall commitment. Then, and only then, will you be able to make an informed decision on who to hire.

If you truly want your mobile app development to be successful, then you definitely need to follow these suggestions. Only by following them you’ll get a quality partner that can work seriously on your vision and provide you with the application you’re looking for.

Anyone considering the development of its own mobile app should take offshore teams as a great option that can provide several benefits while the development takes place. These teams can provide quick and high-quality apps that respect your requirements, fulfill your vision and serve your business as you imagined it. The end result? An app that can give you a competitive edge in a world that’s increasingly mobile and app-centric.

By Santiago Alonso

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