Published On: Tue, May 7th, 2013

Occupy Wall Street Portland Oregon featured dancing around a golden calf, mocking the Wall Street bull

The May Day protests in Portland, Oregon by Occupy Wall Street supporters raised the ire and concern from Christians as protesters “belly danced” around a float carrying a golden calf.

Daylight Disinfectant posted the video, picked up The Blaze, which brought the scene to the forefront and alarmed Bible believers.


“I was kinda flabbergasted at it,” he said of the scene. “I really thought that it’s quite ironic that a lot of what we see going on around us now is not a very positive thing for society, and if you bring this back to the golden calf with Moses, I thought, isn’t that weird. I wonder if they see that in their own display, that they’re mimicking that.”
The May 1 event was the setting for the idol of a “Golden Bull” down O’Bryant Square with Fox News and other investment companies’ logos draped on the float. Nike, Walmart, Shell, and Chevron were also represented (there are several others we were not 100% able to identify)

Dressed as Egyptian belly dancers they then proceeded to sing and dance around it and at some points bowed to the idol.

Occupy Wall Street protest Oregon golden calf

belly dancers ORegon occupy wall street golden calf

Occupy dancers bow golden calf

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  1. Incipiokrq says:

    the best poets of his era and

  2. Airbladevxx says:

    secular brotherhoods of scribes.

  3. Zodiacioz says:

    the spread of parchment.

  4. Haywarddgv says:

    mostly in monasteries.

  5. Marie Devine says:

    Or, are they mocking the people that bow to the Wall Street-Stock Market Bull, relating them to those who God destroyed for dancing around a golden bull?
    I was impressed that there were not many people there; they had hoped for many on their May Day Union, Occupy rallies; but many have realized God guided us to a garden lifestyle of good health and true freedom. Unions lead us to glorified slavery to pay union dues and government payrolls… we are now polluting ourselves into extinction but they don’t want their money to stop.

    “45 Communist Goals For the Take Over of America.” read for Congress Record 1963 and ignored.
    (control of: courts, one or both political parties, unions, education system and youth for protests, media, medical fields.)

    CONFIRMATION: Goals from “The Naked Communist” book 1945

    Connection: TRAYVON MARTIN DEATH PROTESTS are not about race, but SOCIALISM
    by self proclaimed promoters of Arab Spring and Occupy Movement 4-12-12

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  8. brian says:

    I was initially put off by the headline and once again disappointed in some of the less desirable attributes of the occupy movement (a disorganized roaming tweaker party and haven for sexual abuse etc) thinking that they were not attacking my faith (LDS) and disinfranchising all Judeo-Christian supporters. I appreciate the significance of the corporate logos. While those corporations are responsible for all that makes my modern life possible, we should always question their practices and strive to weed out the corruption. I’d like to see a few more heath care providers military contractors, and drug company lobbyists on that table though we don’t “worship” them as directly as Nike or Apple.

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