Published On: Mon, Jun 10th, 2013

Obama administration’s ‘Organizing for Action’ sends out Congressional climate change hit list

Organizing for Action, President Obama’s community organizing arm, has now sent out a list of members in Congress who “publicly deny the science behind climate change.”

climate change email Organizing for ActionIvan Frishberg, Climate Campaign Manager, is credited as the author of the email which began: “I still can’t believe there are this many…”

The extensive list asks readers to “Call Out the Climate Change Deniers” and offers a statement/quote beside the Rep and the button to “Call them out.”

“Here’s the scary part: That list is just the folks we could find on the record,” the email states. “There might be more in our midst. Just a few weeks ago, OFA supporters helped uncover another climate denier serving in Congress. Until we know where every single representative and senator stands, we’re not going to stop asking questions.”

Below are some examples:

“Carbon dioxide, Mister Speaker, is a natural byproduct of nature. Carbon dioxide is natural. It occurs in Earth. It is a part of the regular lifecycle of Earth. In fact, life on planet Earth can’t even exist without carbon dioxide. So necessary is it to human life, to animal life, to plant life, to the oceans, to the vegetation that’s on the Earth, to the, to the fowl that — that flies in the air, we need to have carbon dioxide as part of the fundamental lifecycle of Earth.”[source]  – Michele Bachmann
“There remains considerable uncertainty about the effect of the many factors that influence climate: the sun, the oceans, clouds, the behavior of water vapor (the main greenhouse gas), volcanic activity, and human activity. Nonetheless, climate-change proponents based their models on assumptions about those factors, and now we know that many of those assumptions were wrong.”[source] – Ted Cruz
“[Scientists] are making up their facts to fit their conclusions. They’ve already caught them doing this.”[source] – Rand Paul
Check out the full list here

Here’s the assertions from the site:

Climate change is real, it’s caused largely by human activities, and it poses significant risks for our health. Some members of Congress disagree with this simple, scientifically proven fact. We need to work to curb climate change, and a big step is to raise our voices to change the conversation in Washington. Call these deniers out. Hold them accountable. Ask them if they will admit climate change is a problem.

We will continue updating the list below as supporters get answers to the basic question of whether their representatives in Congress accept the science on climate change. We hope that this list will shrink as members clarify what they truly believe about climate change.

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