Published On: Wed, Jan 18th, 2017

NY Times: ‘fake news’ BuzzFeed story is ‘unflattering’ to Trump as they worry about media division

While Donald Trump called BuzzFeed “a failing pile of garbage,” mocking a tax return inquiry ” “Gee, I’ve never heard that one before” and called CNN “fake news,” the media themselves don’t seem to be changing their tune.

The NY Times covered the recent outbursts of the President-elect and the bogus story circulated by the media outlets, but dismissed this as an “unflattering” story: “…Not only did he break the norms of presidential engagement with the news media, snubbing organizations because of an unflattering story, but he also had elements of a frustrated political press corps warring with one another.” (Emphasis added, the Dispatch)

Rumors of Russian blackmail, sexual romps with prostitutes and even the timing of Trump being briefed were not part of an “unflattering story” but a LIE — “fake news” as the media wants to call it now.

photo/ donkeyhotey

In fact, more disgusting is the second half of the sentence, lamenting the “frustrated political press corps warring with one another…” – Yes, so.

Is Glenn Beck now the beacon of consistency in political commentary?

They go on: “Mr. Smith, for his part, said he was ‘not going to participate in an attempt to divide the media against each other.’ (In a memo on Wednesday, BuzzFeed’s chief executive, Jonah H. Peretti, defended the move. ‘We are going to keep doing what we do best, which is deliver impactful journalism,’ he wrote.)”
Impactful? It was a LIE.
Divide the media against each other? Who cares.
Where is the TRUTH?
The Times seems for concerned for the CNN journalist, Acosta and how “The treatment of Mr. Acosta raised alarms among news media advocates and his fellow journalists, particularly after Mr. Acosta described a threat by Mr. Spicer to eject him from the news conference when he persisted in trying to ask the president-elect a question.”
Was the media so concerned for Neil Munro when he attempted to interrupt President Obama for a question? NO, he was called a “HECKLER” in many reports.
For eight years Obama has mocked Fox News, avoided interaction with the network and the “FAUX NEWS” label has been blasted across the Internet. Now the press wants to get serious?
Before pointing their crooked little finger of media prowess, a search for self-reflection and a thirst for the truth may be the better anecdote. Trump’s big victory (see below) didn’t come from a corrupt electoral process or a rigged election, it came from a political tsunami frustrated at many layers of the system…much of which is the media bias.
California: Clinton 8753788  Trump   4483810   =  4269978
New York:  Clinton 4547562  Trump   2814589   =  1732973
Just over 6 million votes: 6002951
Overall: Clinton 65844954  Trump 62979879
Diff = Clinton + 2865075
An exclusion of NY can Cali illustrate a big Trump win of over 3 million votes EVERYWHERE ELSE!
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