NY Times bemoans the Venezuela crisis because Democrats may lose votes

A new article by NY Times writer Patricia Mazzei examines the Venezuela crisis, the efforts of the U.S. to support a more democratic regime, but not in the way you’d expect: Democrats may lose votes.

“President Trump is pushing Mr. Maduro to step aside, and if he succeeds, Democrats fear it could transform Venezuelan-Americans into loyal Republicans, much like Cuban-Americans.”

Yes, forget the humanitarian crisis, loyal Republican voters are the issue.

She adds this:
“This could be Bay of Pigs 2.0,” said Liz Alarcón, a Venezuelan-American Democrat, referring to the C.I.A.-backed invasion of Cuba in 1961 that failed to overthrow Fidel Castro. The raid turned into a disaster, in part because President John F. Kennedy’s government did not provide sufficient air support to the Cuban exiles who made up the bulk of the invading force — and Florida’s Cuban community turned against both Mr. Kennedy and the Democratic Party.

Then this quote:
“It is very dangerous territory for Democrats,” State Senator Annette Taddeo of Miami, a Colombian-American and a Democrat, said of her party’s handling of the Venezuela issue. “Republicans are very smart about working on the margins. They know that a state like Florida is usually decided by 1 percent or less, so all they need are enough of the Venezuelans, enough of the Colombians, enough of the Puerto Ricans.”

The article boasts of the influx of hurricane refugees to Florida, turning the state “Blue” for Dems in 2020, but noting the impact of Trump’s Venezuela policy: “Trump announced last month he was recognizing Mr. Guaidó as Venezuela’s interim leader, thousands of Venezuelans gathered in a park outside Miami to voice their support.”

Venezuelan exiles are exasperated to see Democrats opposed to intervening in the alarming humanitarian crisis in their country because of the lingering politics of the past. “This is not a coup!” Joanna Hausmann, a Venezuelan-American comedian in New York, declared in a video she filmed to explain the situation.

“What tends to happen with Venezuelans is people have no idea why we’re here,” she said in an interview. Those who have fled the country, she said, are “running from dictatorship, from lack of food.”

It’s all about politics…over and over and over again: read here.

In addition to the hyperinflation, shortages of food and toilet paper, the failed socialist nation is experiencing a growing and shocking outbreak of malaria.

“More than 650,000 cases of malaria are reported nationwide so far this year (Through Oct. 15), all this added to the fact that national hospitals are only receiving 6% of the supplies they require for their operation,” the Medical Federation of Venezuela, Douglas León Natera said in October.

Outbreak News Today also reports that the death toll from diphtheria rose to 270  “from the very pathogenic vaccine-preventable disease.”

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