Published On: Thu, Nov 10th, 2016

NY Law professor scraps syllabus after Trump victory so class can ‘grieve’ ‘vent their feelings’

A student from New York Law School told The College Fix on Wednesday that his professor chose to let his class complain about their new president-elect, rather than do any work.

“The syllabus is being tossed out the window today so everybody can greive [sic] and vent their feelings,” the student said, adding that “assigned cases and topics were left untouched.”

“That’s around $770 of education just today that I’m not getting.”

the syllabus is being tossed out the window today so everybody can greive [sic] and vent their *feelings* … That’s around $770 of education just today that I’m not getting.

The student explained that “assigned cases and topics were left untouched” so students can talk about how the election made them feel. They engaged in

hystrionic [sic] and hyperbolic talk, actual crying, statements about feeling angry and ‘personally violated’ over seeing a little boy walking down the street holding his mom’s hand and knowing he’s going to grow up in Trump’s America.

photo donkeyhotey

photo donkeyhotey

Students of color said they “felt their world ripped out from under them” because they fear anyone they meet could be a Trump voter, now that half the country has shown it “holds dangerous hatred for them because of their race,” the student said. A professor described “the people at Trump rallies as armies of hateful people.”

This is wasted money for everyone paying a pretty penny for a legal education, the student said:

[G]iven the tuition, each hour in class has a sticker price of approximately $120 so time spent allowing students to grieve like an undergrad safe space rather than preparing them to be rational and legally-minded adults seems to be a bit of a ripoff.

Tweeting from the 2 p.m. intellectual property class, the student said “the professor is leading with his feelings.”

Further examples of the handling of students’ emotions on campus can be found at the FIX

photo/ Mary Pahlke via pixabay

photo/ Mary Pahlke via pixabay

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