Published On: Thu, Aug 1st, 2013

NSA program XKeyscore enables widespread surveillance through everything a user does on the Internet

The National Security Agency is operating a massive database system that allows analysts to comb through individuals’ emails, chats and Internet browsing histories at will, according to a new report from The Guardian based on leaked documents. 

KS1The article was quickly challenged by the NSA. In a statement forwarded to Fox News, the agency said “allegations of widespread, unchecked analyst access to NSA collection data are simply not true.” 

The agency acknowledged the existence of the program — called XKeyscore — but said access is limited and suggested it was mainly aimed at foreign intelligence targets. 

According to the Guardian piece, the XKeyscore program is the “widest-reaching” system the agency has and allows analysts without prior authorization to dig around the database by filling out an on-screen form giving a basic justification. 

According to the report, the program covers “nearly everything a typical user does on the internet” including emails and websites visited. It also reportedly allows analysts to intercept Internet activity in “real time.” 

The NSA is required to obtain an individualized Fisa warrant only if the target of their surveillance is a ‘US person’, though no such warrant is required for intercepting the communications of Americans with foreign targets. But XKeyscore provides the technological capability, if not the legal authority, to target even US persons for extensive electronic surveillance without a warrant provided that some identifying information, such as their email or IP address, is known to the analyst.

One training slide illustrates (more slides below) the digital activity constantly being collected by XKeyscore and the analyst’s ability to query the databases at any time.

The purpose of XKeyscore is to allow analysts to search the metadata as well as the content of emails and other internet activity, such as browser history, even when there is no known email account (a “selector” in NSA parlance) associated with the individual being targeted.

Analysts can also search by name, telephone number, IP address, keywords, the language in which the internet activity was conducted or the type of browser used.

NSA Whistleblower and former House staffer to the Select Committee on Intelligence Diane Roark joined The Glenn Beck radio show this week about the depth of the data collection efforts, “I believe that there is plenty of evidence that they have collected some content at least on phone calls and on e-mails. They collected content from the beginning.”

As a staffer Roark asserts that they would know “more details” and “better” than the members on the actual committee. “It’s their job.”

Roark then explains “Meta data”: “Meta data is the externals…what they call the externals  of the message, either phone or e-mail. It used to be called “externals” in NSA and the NSA has a very long history of collecting signals externals.”

She explains the pre-digital age of capturing signals through the air and the struggle to crack encryption, therefore the only data easily available was these external details of the message (time, date, length and other public knowledge).

Roark explained the evolution of monitoring these little facts to relay good and reliable “useful intelligence,” then giving the example that the calls to a type of doctor would be a strong indication of the illness the person had.

“They have all of the header data. Who it’s to, who it’s from, what time it went, what path it traversed and in the case of cell phones it would be what location it was for billing purposes and all that sort of thing…”

Later she continued that “I believe there is plenty of evidence that they have collected some content at least on phone calls and on emails…including my own personal experience.”

Full Guardian article here




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