Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Now Android Users Can Download Free Music Using Showbox App

Showbox has global popularity as an all-encompassing application for viewing the latest television shows and films on Android-enabled gadgets and, even on desktop machines by following a few easy steps is fast becoming a fad. Undoubtedly installed on millions of devices Showbox has just included free Spotify-like music streaming function, a move that is bound to bother the labels.

Video piracy among other things is a long-time monster that modern science and technology of the 21st century needs to deal with fast. We are indeed inhabiting a ‘pirate’ world consumed by BitTorrent, web-streaming and software like Popcorn Time. So there can be no doubt about the fact that desktop users are spoilt for choice in their access to pirated websites. However, Android users have to face a powerful menace that’s been gaining ground for some time now, one that lets the users download from both BitTorrent networks and direct sources, besides presenting the results in a clear Netflix-style interface.

photo/ Serendipityna on pixabay

photo/ Serendipityna on pixabay

Showbox – tablet edition

Though Showbox has not been relentlessly reported in the media in the way Popcorn Time has, the software is already in use on countless–probably millions of cellphone and tablet devices. Besides, it’s likely that thousands of desktop installations exist too since the software also runs on Windows emulators such as Bluestacks.

Of late, Showbox has become a preferably-installed package on uncountable set-top devices, including but not confined to Amazon’s Fire Stick, thus bringing all the latest TV shows and movies within the comforts and easy accessibility of watching at home without a fuss. Since Showbox unlike Playbox can by default stream from non-P2P sources too, it offers a fair chance of anonymity too. With all the latest video content at hand to either download or stream (with a choice of subtitles and qualities that is very user-friendly) Showbox is definitely on the list of the Hollywood studios.

The catalog of content appears vast, featuring both fresh content and plenty of classics from the archives. Its in-built media player is an obvious inclusion and users will be pleased by the inclusion of a playlist creator and a platform to share content with friends.

But for reasons not yet clearly known, not much appears to have been done till date about the software. Recently Showbox included a controversial new feature that’s likely to exasperate not only Hollywood but also the top record labels in the world. The latest version (v4.51) now comes with the ability to stream and download music. For now it works only when run on a cellphone device. Without the presence of a detailed network analysis uncertainty prevails where Showbox is pulling content from. However, it’s certainly possible that Russian social network vKontakte is playing a considerable part as it has previously with TV series and films.

Showbox is certainly not available from Amazon or Google Play–it must be sideloaded by the user. Advertising for mainstream services and products appears regularly when viewing Showbox; for instance, often as pre-run videos when running the tablet version. Showbox is certainly a powerhouse when it comes to streaming video content. Now that it has entered the music field too, there are hardly any applications that can be its competitor. Though the music section, on account of being new, needs to catch up with the finesse of Spotify, the developers say the service is only in its initial stage so users could expect a lot more in the days to come.

Guest Author: Richard Smith

photo/ Pixabay

photo/ Pixabay

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