Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2017

Northern California Anti-Racist Action group attacks UC Berkeley Republicans, publishes personal information

The Northern California Anti-Racist Action group published personal information, photos about five members of the University of California Berkeley College Republicans in a pst titled: “The Kids are Alt-Right: The UC Berkeley Republican Students Behind the Milo Event.”

The headline references Milo Yiannopoulos’ pending appearance at Cal Berkeley on Feb. 1, a controversial visit that has already prompted significant counter protest plans.

“[T]his article is aimed at informing the university and greater Berkeley and Bay Area community about the white supremacist and fascist students using the guise of ‘free speech” to encourage hate and violence against those already marginalized and oppressed,” the post states. “As we will show, the line between white nationalists and run of the mill Republican student activists in Berkeley is blurring, and it is up to those opposed to white supremacy and patriarchy to take note, and to take action.”

Among the things published were URLs to their social media pages, images culled from their personal Facebook pages, videos and summaries of their campus activism efforts, descriptions of their right-leaning and pro-Trump social media posts, and in one case the address where one student works.

The College Fix detailed the incident and published the Berkeley College Republicans response on their Facebook page, stating they “were subject to a malicious attack by self-styled ‘anti-fascists’ protesting our decision to invite Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at UC Berkeley.”

“They have published an article sharing the private information of our members culled from social media, including account names, a driver’s license, and a place of work. This is known as ‘doxxing’ and is illegal under US law,” the statement reads. “Moreover, none of our members mentioned in the article are involved in the least bit in inviting Mr. Yiannopoulos to speak. The claims that the Berkeley College Republicans and Mr. Yiannapoulos are ‘fascists’ and ‘white supremacists’ are not only comical but patently untrue and unsubstantiated. We recognize some people are having difficulty coming to terms with reality after January 20th, and we wear this pathetic, libelous attempt at intimidation as a badge of honor; we will never back down.”

Comments under their post encourage members to stay strong even in the face of unknown threats.

“This is illegal, which makes the blog post not only unethical but criminal,” said Matt Ronnau, one of the students identified in the post, which accused his effort to show how white students are attacked as oppressors on campus as an excuse to “justify the violent white supremacist and fascist backlash they wish to unleash.”

“My friend Angelo’s place of work was published, which is awful,” Ronnau told The College Fix, referring to one of his friends who was also targeted in the post. “Are the writers intending for people to show up and intimidate him or send the rest of us threatening Facebook messages? It’s really sad to see something like this happen.”

Asked whether his university’s leaders have offered support, Ronnau said administration has not been in contact with him.

“I would never do something like this, however, if I was, I am positive that the school would be on my back immediately for harassment,” Ronnau said. “It’s disappointing to see how one sided the administration is when addressing issues involving Berkeley College Republicans.”

photo/ George Zimmerman protester planted by a leftist group

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