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The nature of nonprofit organizations is clear: Their main aim is not profit but the welfare and care of the people, the country and the Earth. Now when their aim is clear to them, they draft a mission statement for the people to know, this encourages potential donors to donate and keep their organization running. But are there ways to improve your mission statement and your vision altogether? Of course there are; you just need to keep an eye on the genius minds. How do they do so? There are several ways to get on the train that leads to the ‘how’ answer. Hop on!

1. Content marketing:
This is one of the very popular tactics of enhancing their mission. First, let’s talk about what content marketing is exactly. It is a form of strategic marketing focused on producing and serving the very relevant and authentic content that behaves like honey to the business bees. This material is 100% produced to attract a particular audience, all in all being profitable for the organization in terms of donors and goodwill. Also, this can help make your organization look as a:

  • Reliable performer
  • Innovative change maker
  • Trusted authority
  • Influential thinker
photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

photo/ Gerd Altmann via pixabay

When people are searching for your organization, the major factor that convinces them is your impressive work, welfare projects for people and humanitarian agendas that you carry out, so be very clear and persuasive while drafting your content because this is an excellent tool to market your organization. Not sure where to start? Pecanne Eby of BrandMentoring.com has excellent tips how to leverage association members for content marketing.

2. Social Media:
When it comes to thinking about modern methods, social media is every nonprofit’s number one call. Where every person whether it be a donor or customer or just a viewer is on social media and constantly keeps checking the internet for updates.

Now is your greatest opportunity to make a move: Set up a business page on Facebook and try to get loyal followers. Update whatever new is going on with your organization, new projects, campaigns, and initiatives, literally anything. You can also post pictures from you recent projects to persuade people that the welfare you carry out is benefitting many people.

Through social media, you can get hold of potential volunteers specially the youth to help you in carrying out various projects. Youngsters are also an asset when it comes to giving innovative ideas because they are very well aware of the newest trends of the society.
Moreover, professional videos can be edited and posted on YouTube which happens to be the number one videos website with tons of users and subscribers. You can upload videos of your presentations, work, conferences, interviews with humanitarian faces and so much more. All you need is one smart phone and editing software to start.

3. Teamwork:
This is a strategy that I believe doesn’t really limit to nonprofits, but also applied to every business, every firm. People need to understand that any task is not a one man show; it takes the hard work and sweat of the entire team, no matter how small the contribution is. Especially in nonprofits where mostly projects are extroverted, the help and support of the entire team is essential to carry out the agenda, from ideas to planning to actually implementing, there are a lot of minds at work, thus the credibility should also be given to the entire team and not just the leader.
The leader should only be in charge of handing out tasks to its various members, put specific performance benchmarks and goals along with rewards to motivate their team. Also when a job is completely done, it the leaders duty to gather every team member so they can have a moment together celebrating their success.

4. Initiate a podcast:
This might look to you as a ridiculously time consuming effort, but trust me, this is a very effective method that most of the nonprofits use to advance their missions. This is an excellent medium for reaching prospects, donors and the general public. A podcast is an episodic series of digital media files which a user can set in a way that new approaches are downloaded automatically.
it gives you organization the benefit of being at the top with maximum users to view your website, shows that you have a variety of competent staff that are experts in their fields and gives you fair exposure to the potential supporters that you can gain to help you out in your work. Above all, it is extremely easy to start your own podcast!

5. Cause marketing:
This is a concept of cooperative efforts on a mutual baseline between nonprofits and for-profit organizations. For instance, have you ever seen donation boxes at the counter of most stores? You can agree on mutual terms with such stores or hotels and get a donation box for your trust to help you raise funds! This may sound like a crazy idea but seriously it works.
Also, there are lots of different types of cause marketing, like a box of juice which donates 5 cents to such organizations for every one carton of juice sold. So this is an excellent opportunity to get hold of such companies that are willing to help you out.

6. Cogent imagery:
The best way to attract people is graphically. Seriously, upload highly compelling pictures that give out a very strong message which touches people’s hearts almost immediately. Before people take any practical step, they very well want to ensure that their effort is worth the good, so they like to visualize everything, so do them good and fill in your website with relevant cogent imagery that persuades people to look into (make sure your work is as effective as your pictures-you don’t want any disappointed customers.)

7. Hashtag:
A very popular marketing tactic is to create a contagious hashtag that people can use to give in a professional yet trendy impact, also to target a bigger audience. You can also introduce different offers, bonuses, gift vouchers, scholarship lucky draw entries to encourage people to promote your campaign via hashtag. Not only on social media, but you can print T-shirts or P-caps with your hashtag printed and give them out to your supporters. This will attract many eyes and motivate people to look through your work.

These are the seven very simple modern day methods that most of the nonprofits around us seem to adopt. They not only act as a marketing tool for them but also help them in enhancing their missions altogether.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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