Published On: Wed, Mar 28th, 2018

Non Standard Home Insurance for Non Standard Homes

Often when you purchase a home, you’re so focused on enjoying the fact that you own a brand new home, no matter whether it’s your first or third, that you don’t really stop to think about things like insurance. But what happens when you start to line up your insurance for your new home only to find that your current carrier won’t cover you? This may happen because you own a home that is considered to be a “non standard” home. What is a non standard home, and how can non standard home insurance help you?

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Non Standard Homes

Surprisingly there are a number of different situations in which a home would be considered non standard. Most insurance companies consider any home that is created without using the standard building materials to fit under this umbrella. Standard building materials are items like brick, stone, slate or tiled roofs. Some older homes are created using wattle and daub, for example. Wattle and daub is an ancient means of construction and is created when timber framework has thin reeds woven back and forth between the splines of wood. The daub is then mud and chopped straw which is pressed into this open area. While it’s a classic look for a historic home, most insurance companies don’t want to issue policies on homes like this. Flat roofs are another problem for most standard home insurance policies. When a home has a flat roof it’s much more likely to have issues, especially if snow collects on the roof, as the roof is more likely to collapse.

Unoccupied homes are also a specialty covered by non standard home insurance. When a home has been sitting vacant for quite some time, there are all sorts of hidden things that could be wrong with it that need to be repaired. It’s almost impossible to find them all until you start living in the home. Many insurers won’t cover a home that has been sitting vacant for a long time just because of this type of situation. That’s when non standard home insurance can help.

Non Standard Insurance

Because non standard insurance is fairly subjective, it can be difficult to know if your home will qualify for this type of insurance. If your home has exterior walls that are made of things of the following, it’s certainly going to be a consideration for you.

  • Timber
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass
  • Glass
  • Wattle and daub
  • Flint
  • Metal

If your home is classified as a listed building or has recently had the foundation reinforced, you may also want to ask your insurance broker about your insurance options.

Flooding is also something that is considered a serious threat, so if your home is within a specific distance of a water source, it’s likely that you’ll need to get non standard insurance. Things like large trees surrounding your home or homeowners who are a high risk are also good candidates for this type of insurance policy.

Author: Glen Star

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