Published On: Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

Nir Golan, Texas homeowner unknowingly bought ‘The List Murder Mansion’

A Texas man is shocked and horrified at the thought of living in his new million dollar mansion after learning the home was the site of child sex abuse and murder.

 The local businessman, Nir Golan, thought he had found the perfect home in Seabrook, Texas. He called it a deal of a lifetime: “He dropped the price, and it was such a good price that I couldn’t say no,” said Golan to KHOU.

Sadly, the man was duped and was told of the mansion’s gory past.

“I said let me tell you something. If you paid me money, I would not move there. It’s against my religion. You cannot force me to move there,” Golan told KHOU of his vow after learning of the land’s gory past.

Golan says the home’s realtors failed to tell him that the entire subdivision was built on the site of Seabrook’s so-called Murder Mansion, which was demolished in the 1990s.

About a decade earlier, multimillionaire businessman and sex offender Bill List built themassive brick mansion to lure teenage boys to live with him. List provided a home, food and drugs for sex in return.

Eventually, the horrors ended as the teens rallied and murdered the man.

Golan is now seeking legal action and retribution against the realtors as they claim the murders never happened in the house.

Golan claims it does not matter where the murders take place, just that they did on the land.

“There was a murder, but the murder wasn’t in this house. It was on the property. And I’m trying to explain to him to me it doesn’t matter. A property is your front yard, your backyard,” said Golan.

Bill List "Murder Mansion" in Texas photo/Facebook

Bill List “Murder Mansion” in Texas photo/Facebook

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