Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

Nicole Kidman interview: Being a mom, Keith Urban and ‘Paddington’ villain

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is opening up about being a mom and parenting in general. Talking Mom.me while promoting her film Paddington, Kidman explains her parenting style, talks about husband Keith Urban and

“I think, because I’ve raised four kids now, I’ve been probably every type of mom. I’ve run the gamut. So, with Sunday I did attachment. With Faith, it was much more about trying to just let her have much more of her space, because with Sunday we were very, very sort of linked and then trying to get her to pull away from me was difficult,” Kidman says when asked ‘what kind of mom she is.’

Nicole Kidman promotes "Paddington" but also talks about being a mom and married to Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman promotes “Paddington” but also talks about being a mom and married to Keith Urban

She continues: “And lot of it is intuitive. But, so much of it is, I think, just respect for them and for what they’re going through and feeling, but still boundaries and I think you can see children that are loved. Good love is what I call it.”

She gushes when talking about her hubby.

“And Keith and I are very lucky because we do have two lovely people. I mean, I just love who they are. Both of our girls are so nice, and so are my older children. They’re just very nice people, which is a great thing to be able to say about your child. I like you. ‘I love you, but I like you’ is always a good thing, right?”

This led to details on traveling with Keith on the tour bus.

“It’s pretty crazy because we’re all on the bus and it’s pretty close confinement. We have bunk beds. The girls love it. That is their favorite thing. … When they’re little, they love those little cubbies and those little holes and stuff like that to hide in. I think that’s what the bunk bed on the tour bus is for them. And they get to watch TV. A lot of the rules at home do not apply on the tour bus.”

Kidman plays the villain in Paddinton, the character Millicent.

“At first, they were mortified that I wasn’t playing the bear’s mommy. But, then they came on the set and they saw all of the behind-the-scenes and all of that, and they kind of fell in love with the whole thing. So, now they’ve sort of embraced it….

“But, I also think, because the movie is so fun and it’s done with a sense of humor and a bit tongue in cheek that that kind of helped it, because there is nothing really that’s terrifying in the movie. So, it’s more sort of sweetly menacing in a way.”

Check out the full interview with Mom.me HERE

Paddington opens in theaters on January 16, 2015.

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