Published On: Tue, Sep 26th, 2017

NFL, Trump and kneeling overshadow Puerto Rico disaster in the wake of Hurricane Maria

Scroll through social media and there are likely many more posts and emotional rants about the NFL, kneeling during the National Anthem and President Trump’s tweets over the topic. In there somewhere is the coverage from Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory, closely tied to many Americans, completely ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

In fact, Newsbusters reported that the media is covering the NFL story four times as often/long: “Between September 24 and September 25, the Big Three Networks spent a total of 92 minutes and 33 seconds of airtime hyperventilating about Trump’s feud with various sports athletes. Compared to the 25 minutes and 45 seconds of total airtime between the three for Puerto Rico, over those two days. That means the networks spent 3.6 times more airtime on Trump’s Twitter war than the humanitarian crisis.”

“ABC News’ coverage was by far the most grotesque. It alone made up a bulk of the Trump/NFL time at 52 minutes and 54 seconds, while they only allowed seven minutes and 39 seconds for the crisis in Puerto Rico, a seven-to-one disparity.”

In shocking bias and liberal hysteria, Good Morning America spent Sunday morning arguing that Trump’s comments were dripping with racially coded rhetoric. Yes, check out the story of several white people debating if Trump’s tweets/comments about kneeling are racist.

There is no analysis of Black Lives Matter or Colin Kaepernick’s socialist leanings, just “Trump is a racist” nonsense.

Eric Reid wrote an op-ed for the NY Times reflecting on protesting with Kaepernick, motivated by the Alton Sterling shooting, saying “This could have happened to any of my family members who still live in the area” – No, Mr. Reid, only the career criminals like Sterling with a gun in their waistband, refusing to listen to police get themselves in those situations to begin with.

CBS Evening News on Monday attacked NASCAR for threatening to fine drivers for kneeling and criticized the racing league for being too white.

The Root article is titled “NASCAR confirms That It’s Still the Favorite Sport of White Supremacy” (written by a white, male reporter) who states “I know that not everyone who participates in or enjoys NASCAR is racist, chews tabacky and loves the Confederate flag. I didn’t say that. Just 99 percent of NASCAR fans, drivers and owners are racist, chew tabacky and love small T-shirts with big Confederate flags on them.”

Misguided media, facts that don’t matter and a nation who cares more about inane protests by rich athletes rather than a nation in crisis – it’s a sad day in America. Maybe we should drop to BOTH knees and pray.

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