NFL protests: Richard Fowler wrong on Tamir Rice, Trump profanity while Shannon Sharpe attacks Alejandro Villanueva

On Monday night, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News Tonight with host Dana Perino and radio host Richard Fowler to discuss the controversy between President Trump and NFL players who have used the playing of the national anthem as a time to protest.

Fowler kept insisting that the protests were justified because of endemic racism among police, but misrepresented the Tamir Rice case, Colin Kaepernick’s motivations and attempted to be shocked by the harsh, insulting profanity used by President Trump.

The “toy gun” Tamir Rice was “playing” with

Fowler began by claiming that police just rolled up and shot Rice, a child with a toy gun in the face “there was no freeze…there was no put your weapon down” — all a lie.

Well, Rice was a child, a 12-year-old teen brandishing the air soft gun (a pellet gun), scaring pedestrians by waving his hands around like a gang member. Rice was reportedly even shooting pellets at cars when they passed by, prompting less priority 911 calls.

Tamir Rice’s friend removed the orange tip from the pellet gun, making it look MORE REAL .

When the police arrived, Rice immediately goes for the weapon he tucked in his waistband and they acted, shooting the teen in the chest NOT the face.

Check out the video below.

The weapon is very key in this tragic death and Fowler should be ashamed of portraying the shooting this way. Police acted badly, but not without cause. The “toy gun” looks VERY real and Ricewas “playing” like a thug or gang member, primed to pull a weapon on police – that gets you shot, no matter what race you are.

photo/ twitter

Fowler mentioned Eric Garner before transitioning to Kaepernick’s protest, which originally cited the Alton Sterling case, NOT Tamir Rice. Rice’s name came along later with long hashtags linked to valid (i.e. Walter Scott) and invalid (i.e. Michael Brown) shootings/deaths across the country.

Like most of these tragedies, Rice’s death was shocking and unnecessary, but Fowler and leftists need to stop playing Monday morning quarterback with a new list of facts.

Next came Fowler’s alleged outrage President Trump’s “SOB” remarks. This was not only absurd, but made ridiculous by overstating how Presidents during Fowler’s lifetime haven’t cursed.

President Obama’s profanity filled rant to the press corp made headlines and Joe Biden regularly cursed, dropping F-bombs and insulting others. Was Fowler’s feeling hurt then?

This doesn’t justify Trump’s remarks, they are awful, but stop pretending that this is a shock.

Candidate Trump used appalling language, insulted media personalities and fellow candidates regularly. Leftists want to sound shocked by Trump’s abusive language, but everyone is suppose to tolerate their Nazi and Hitler references?

Ben Shapiro cites other police brutality cases involving whites and how investigations have taken place. Fowler felt prompted to claim that Trump was “race baiting” which is absurd.

Shapiro has the last word and it’s tremendous:

“I think the only way to get past this is to go back to the consensus that we sort of had before. To suggest that Trump started this culture war is not true. He escalated the culture war. Kaepernick started this particular thing; this was a controversy a year ago, so to pretend that Trump started this is ridiculous. If we want to get back to consensus here, then we need to go back to where public opinion actually is, which is: it’s inappropriate to protest the national anthem, or during the national anthem; protest all you want in other venues, and at the same time, no one should be fired for this. That’s the basic opinion.

“I’m not saying that Kaepernick doesn’t have the right to do it, or any of these players don’t have the right to do it; they certainly have the right to do it; owners have the right to react how they want to react. The president should not be calling on people to be fired for expressing their protest opinions any way they see fit. With that said, I think that there are only very few common symbols that we hold together, and those are things like the flag and the national anthem and football, by the way, and as those disappear, as those become politicized, the country becomes almost irreconcilable.”

Here’s the reality check: Kaepernick’s “protest” was died during last season and few cared anymore.

The “police are pigs socks,” black panther and Che shirts revealed that Kaepernick is a communist sympathizer taking up 1960’s social justice language and the NFL refused to play along. Remember that the Ravens balked at signing Kaepernick after his girlfriend tweeted racist remarks about the ownership being slave owners.

Kaepernick likened Sterling’s death to a “lynching” and the black power message gets lost on Americans who learn that the wealthy football star was raised by white, middle-class adoptive parents.

He has proved to be a horrible poster child for this movement.

Fast forward to the 2017 season and Trump’s comments…stupid, insulting, not appropriate for a President.

All of that is true, but the left loves free speech ONLY when it’s on their side. Were the comments by Meryl Streep stupid, insulting, inappropriate for an awards show? Is there really a difference other than Fowler’s point that Trump should act Presidential?

Shapiro is on point saying that “president should not be calling on people to be fired for expressing their protest opinions” BUT the NFL has that right. Instead, the left have overplayed, making the politically correct stance that EVERYONE should be protesting or that means you AGREE WITH TRUMP.

That is unfair and wrong.

This can be seen with Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger and the only Pittsburgh Steeler seen standing during the national anthem, who later was “forced” to apologize for making his teammates look bad.

Shannon Sharpe made a disgusting attack on Villanueva, that he was “wrong” to “put his personal feelings and beliefs in front of that of the team.”

Racist poster from 1866 – Library of Congress

“If a team took a vote and said this is what we’re going to do, although I understand that he served in the military, I commend him for his service, but this is a team and the team said this is what we’re going to do, we criticize so many athletes when they put their goals, their views, their ideas in front of the team. Well, that’s what he did. He said forget what you guys said, this is what I’m going to do.”

Villanueva was a former Army Ranger who has rights to free speech as well, but Sharpe feels that football alliances should supersede Villanueva’s patriotism. Did Sharpe attack Kaepernick for putting “his personal feelings and beliefs in front of that of the team” as he kicked off the kneeling last season?

I couldn’t find any evidence of that, but I did find Sharpe, unloading “Holier-than-thou” social justice attacks from the comfort of his ESPN studio.

Sharpe took aim at Hall of Famer Jim Brown for criticizing the protest: “I don’t desecrate my flag” but even more insulting is his racist rant last season to Joel Klatt:

“You also view it through the lens of being a white male that has never had to have an amendment, an act, or a constitution amended for your civil rights…You’ve never had to say, ‘You know what, you can’t go Joel Klatt to this place because you’re a white male.’ You’ve never had that…Everybody talks about, ‘Well Shannon, you’ve got it so good.’ I tell you what: I bet Jerry Jones would not trade places with a 75-year black man in Chicago. I bet Joel Klatt would not trade places with a 30-year old black guy from Chicago or Watts. I bet he wouldn’t do that. You know why? It’s great to know that I’m white and a male in America. I’m viewed totally different than any other demographic in America. That’s fact. That’s not fiction. That’s not a prism. That is factual.”

It’s also factual that Shannon Sharpe NEVER had any of things happen to him. The Constitution had already been amended by Sharpe’s birth and he enjoyed a life ” totally different than any other demographic in America” — as a wealthy football star.

Protesting individual cases or facts in case is where true justice can prevail. Sadly, the movement hitched wagons to criminal cases like Michael Brown for a quick bumper sticker moment (“Hands up don’t shoot”) until Americans feel betrayed when they learn the FACTS.

Walter Scott was murdered, but the police officer is now in prison. The Eric Garner case is another valid concern, but should never be lumped in some of the other cases. There are investigations, hearings and trials, protest within the fabric of the system and not on the sideline of a sporting event.

Racism is NOT in everything and most Americans do NOT want it in their NFL football programming. Stop comparing this to 1960’s activism, that is insulting. Kaepernick is no Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks.

The NFL may never be the same after this and we can thank Donald Trump for using Colin Kaepernick’s misguided protest against the cultural leftists who just cannot help themselves.

Tamir Rice shooting:

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