Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

Newly-registered recruitment agencies rely on technology

If analyzing the latest figures regarding new start-ups in domains such as Human Resources and Public Relations, entrepreneurs will notice a visible increase. More and more recruitment agencies are registered each month, which transforms this industry into one that grows fast. The strong hiring activity happening at the moment in all sectors made companies almost dependent on recruitment services, that can properly assess skills and find the right candidates for the jobs. In fact, the skill shortages are quite worrying for the business field, and the easiest way to master the situation is by letting specialists handle it. From one year to another, the number of recruitment agencies doubles, as seen is the comparison between 2016 and 2017.

Recruiters are ready to handle the demand of such services, and they are making great use of the technology advancements of the moment. The favorable market conditions and the worthy investments in technology make it impossible for recruitment agencies to fail today, especially because entrepreneurs constantly rely on the services offered in these agencies. The recruitment sector needs improvement in the way tasks are being handled in terms of time, expenses and invoicing. The best solution to keep all these under control is by using tailored software programs. That makes everything easier and more efficient, leading to profitable businesses. Here’s more about how recruitment agencies use technology to facilitate their services:

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Human intervention is still required

Even though the current recruitment trends are relying on technology, human intervention is still required because a level of subjectivity is necessary to make the right choices. Recruitment is a hot topic at the moment because it contributes to improving the overall economy of a country and lowers the unemployment rates. That’s why people are offering recruitment agencies so much credit. Today’s society prefers online recruiting.

Posting vacant job positions online and receiving CVs in return is the fastest way to find candidates that are suitable for an interview. This cuts down the time required for finding a good candidate for the spot while allowing the recruiter to learn as much as possible about the person. Online recruiting has a lot of success on social media platforms, job boards, the company website or even career websites, but human intervention is still required to build a persuasive message and discuss openly with the candidates.

Branding in the online environment

Obtaining the competitive advantage through the use of technology is a must in the case of newly launched recruitment companies. Why? Because a strong employer brand attracts much more people. Paying attention to the way the company is presented in the job summary, using keyword research to track what people look for and proofing the content posted at least twice are just a few of the processes needed for contouring a company’s brand. The friendlier the company seems, the better chances to get more applicants on the platform. The correlation between branding and technology is undeniable, as the online environment offers enough resources to transmit a message a long way. Visibility is the key when building a brand, and technology is there to offer full transparency.

Rapid feedback – go virtual

After presenting the culture of the company and making sure that the brand is carefully delivered to the large public, recruiters have to pay attention to the feedback offered. In order to take advantage of the information they receive through feedback, recruitment companies have to go virtual. Using Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn and all other platforms that give the applicants the chance to communicate and give feedback is the right choice for recruiters. This way, both recruiters and applicants have something to gain. Recruiters can get to know the person better, so it will be easier to focus on hiring the candidates that are high-quality. Profiling in the virtual environment is quite easy, so it encourages hiring the right people. Based on the feedback received, recruiters can also select better strategies, interview practices or a plan for a better candidate experience with the company.

Useful software features

As for what parts of software programs make the jobs so easy for recruiters, chasing up timesheets and automating the invoice process are just some of the features that transform everything for recruitment companies. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been around for quite a while. Integrating CRM is the first step towards full automation of processes, even in the case of recruitment companies. What’s great about using a program to keep track of everything is that recruiters have access to all the information in one single place, accessible from mobile or desktop. Other useful features are:

  • User-friendly submissions
  • Fast and secure approval
  • Billing
  • Timesheets
  • Database integration
  • Automatic notifications

Generation Z characteristics

People born between 1990 and 2000 are called the Generation Z. The Generation Z include people who have different thinking skills compared to their predecessors. Their way of handling things is far more distinct from what older people are used to at the moment. Considering the workplace expectations of the Generation Z, recruitment agencies have to stick to their requirements and preferences. Generation Z is entirely related to the use of tech, which makes software programs the ideal solution for recruitment agencies. Generation Z also expects higher salaries and are willing to work more for their careers. When a person who is part of generation Z searches a job, these priorities are the ones that guide their final decision:

  • The opportunity of getting a promotion in the next year
  • Generous pay and other financial benefits
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Flexible schedule
  • Being guided by a manager who also offers feedback
  • Security at work

Working with Generation Z made recruitment companies tailor their services to these needs and preferences. They carefully analyze these preferences, their career attitudes and what they expect from a new job and they make recommendation to employers. For instance, Generation Z people always prefer coworkers of the same age. The work environment preferred is collaborating with the rest of coworkers in smaller groups and being part of a virtual team.

Author: Cynthia Madison

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