Published On: Wed, Dec 6th, 2017

New vs Second Hand Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet racking is a safe and convenient way to manage your warehouse inventory storage. Not only is it easy to use, but it allows you to stack your product vertically to increase your floor space, storing capacity and revenues.

As a savvy warehouse owner or manager, you’ve probably considered pallet racking, but are unsure of whether to purchase it new or used, as both options come in at around the same price, especially when you buy in bulk. Read on as we weigh the pros and cons of both options to help you make the best decision.

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Used Pallet Racking


  • Quality: Pallet racking is made from extremely durable and long-lasting materials such as heavy-duty steel, so you’re guaranteed to get premium quality even when you buy second hand. In fact, good quality pallet racking can last for decades at a time, and still look and perform like-new when maintained well.  
  • Environmentally friendly: Instead of contributing to the carbon footprint that’s created by the process of manufacturing new pallet racks, you can purchase good quality used pallet racks and participate in recycling to do your bit for the environment!


  • No guarantees: On the other hand, purchasing used pallet racks means that you won’t get to enjoy the warranty or guarantee that you’d get with a new set.
  • Wear and tear: You’ll also have to contend with the invisible wear and tear that pallet racking sustains over the years which will most likely become visible when you start using it. So really, there are no guarantees when buying pallet racking.
  • Limited choice: Buying used pallet racking limits your choices in terms of the materials that are available at that time, and you don’t have the opportunity to choose from the wide variety available from new pallet racks.
  • Replacement parts: You might also struggle to get replacement parts when something goes wrong with your pallet racks, and this makes their upkeep quite challenging.  

These are just some of the ‘hidden costs’ of purchasing used pallet racks, and are proof that taking the cheaper route doesn’t always translate to long term savings. So be sure to check the used pallet racking for wear and tear such as rust, mismatched components or twisted metal section that can really impact on the pallet racking’s effectiveness in the long run.

There are other considerations to make before you decide on purchasing used pallet racking, such as the available details of the product. Use any data that you’re able to get on the pallet racks to figure out what its history is, and if it’s in a good condition for heavy duty work. You also need to figure out whether the pallet racking can meet your needs in terms of your budget, your warehouse needs, and its overall compliance with relevant regulations.

New Pallet Racking

New pallet racking is an ideal long-term storage solution, as it comes with high quality construction and a wide range of options when it comes to the types of materials that are available.


  • Layout options: New pallet racking gives you the option to choose your preferred materials in order to create the ideal layout for your warehouse needs.
  • Flexibility: You’ll also have the flexibility to make changes as you go along, by removing or adding certain components to better cater to your evolving storage systems.
  • Quality: You can rest assured that your new pallet racking will come with optimal load bearing capacity and high quality performance.
  • Adequate documentation: Some of the benefits that come with buying new pallet racking is the fact that it comes with a certified load bearing capacity so you don’t have to guess how much it is capable of holding.
  • Guarantee: New pallet racking also comes with a warranty promise that gives you access to free repairs or replacements should any of the components break down. This way, you can keep track of the maintenance costs throughout the history of the storage system.  
  • Bulk discounts: Buying new pallet racks in bulk qualifies you for massive discounts, which is perfect for anyone wanting to really maximise their storage space with this storage system.


  • There are no cons to purchasing new pallet racks, as they come at a reasonable price, are easier and less expensive to maintain and offer a great return on investment.

However, before you purchase just be sure to get a quote from large storage systems companies like globalind.com.au who sell both used and new systems.

Author: Elena Tahora

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