Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2017

New Sacred’s Marchae Grair authors ‘Ways to reject your white privilege,’ deconstructed by Ben Shapiro

“It’s the phrase bigots hate to hear and progressives love to denounce,” writes Marchae Grair about the term “white privilege” as part of her “10 ways you can actively reject your white privilege” piece.

The bullet points have been transformed into a meme circulating social media and creating conversations about racism.

No surprise from the Burning Platform: “There are actually mouth breathing, low IQ, left wing, social justice idiots who believe this s**t. Know your enemy.” Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro took aim at the list point by point: “the people pushing this are serious. And then they suggest that we must all abide by the strictures recommended in the post if we wish for a better country.”

Check out the meme at the bottom which provides the full list. Here’s highlights:

Stop contributing to gentrification and calling it “urban development.”

photo Frerieke from The Hague, The Netherlands via wikimedia commons

Many white allies feel too comfortable talking about white privilege without pushing for their residential communities to legislate against gentrification, which is like reverse white flight at the expense of a mass POC eviction notice.Are you living in a redlining district without calling out the displacement of people of color? Are you content with advocating for POC as long as you don’t have to live in their neighborhood?”

Shapiro counters: “Stop investing in downtrodden areas and building nice homes and shops, people! Keep those downtrodden areas racially segregated. At least they’re historic. The last thing we would want is people in those historic areas to have jobs and safer neighborhoods and nice restaurants. They must be relegated to poverty for the sake of the character of the place.”

Grair: “Listen when people call you on your microaggressions.

Your intent to be anti-racist doesn’t necessarily mean you automatically fit the bill. If people call you on microaggressions, don’t argue—listen. If you knew a word or phrase was offensive, you probably wouldn’t have said it. Being an ally doesn’t mean you’re above being educated on racism.” and  “Never invite POC to the table for the sake of claiming diversity.

“Diversity” is now a buzzword and “diversity work” is a very profitable industry. Don’t invite POC to your events so you can say they personify diversity or to hit an organizational quota. Engage with diverse communities because you plan on being intentional about hearing our stories and letting us come to the table authentically.”

Ironically, Shapiro is accurate in pointing out that it was Hillary Clinton NOT President Trump who did this very thing: She actually suggested having a black person to be named later in her cabinet for the sake of claiming diversity.

Grair reveals her Marxist and pro-Muslim leanings when she writes: Stop lifting up non-confrontational POC as examples for what POC activism should be.

“Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man—but he wrote more than his “I Have a Dream” speech. Few white folks quote his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” to talk about King’s Legacy:“I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice…”History through a white lens immortalizes the “safe,” diluted parts of liberation in hopes of POC seeking future liberation in similar ways. This framework centers the comfort of white folks and disregards the complexity of processing and rebelling against oppression.Here’s the thing—experiencing racism is a lot more uncomfortable than experiencing a radical response to it. If you’re uncomfortable with expressions of emotional pain by the oppressed, you may want to work harder at dismantling their oppression.”

Radicals and violence is making its return during a Trump presidency and leftists are gearing up a violent response. It was Shapiro who better summed up racism in America:

“Thanks, leftists, for ensuring that racism lives on, and forcing people to shut up based on their skin color. You’ve done us all a real service. At least in self-exposing your own moral benightedness.”

Full list HERE   Shapiro response HERE

Most offensive to me is: “Recognize that you’re still racist. No matter what.

Sometimes, anti-racist allies talk in an “us vs. them” framework when they discuss race, with the “us” being POC and anti-racist allies and the “them” being racist people. That’s an oversimplification of centuries of racism, and it also avoids one simple truth.White people always benefit from institutionalized racism, no matter how anti-racist your ideologies may be. You can’t disconnect yourself completely from the racism from which you benefit, and recognizing that is a large step in rejecting white privilege.”

No matter what?

So, what’s the use? Racism has been gone full circle and you despise me because of my skin color. Disgusting.

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