Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

New report: US running guns in Benghazi, arms that ended up with al Qaeda

New reports  by TheBlaze reveals confirmed proof that the U.S. was covertly involved in providing rebels with weapons during Libya’s civil war that ultimately ended up in the hands of Al Qaeda militants.

J. Christopher Stevens, United States ambassador to Libya from May 2012 until killed in an attack on the "safehouse" in September 2012

J. Christopher Stevens, United States ambassador to Libya from May 2012 until killed in an attack on the “safehouse” in September 2012

TheBlaze TV’s For the Record detailed how the al Qaeda militants benefited from the massive amount of weapons that were being delivered by the UAE and Qatar, a program approved by the Obama administration. The codename for the operation is “Zero Footprint,” as explained in the Wednesday evening expose.

A CIA spokesman denied the allegations that the agency was aiding the rebels with weapons.

For The Record interviews several sources who confirm the U.S. created a covert operation that included third-party weapons dealers so not to reveal U.S. involvement. The weapons were financed by the UAE and provided by Qatar, and any shipments going in or out of Libya during that time would be subject to NATO approval.

“First, there was no CIA effort to arm the rebels in Libya,” the spokesman said. “Second, anyone with a basic knowledge of recent history knows it was the NATO air campaign that helped change the course of the conflict in Libya. Third, the story implies the U.S. government was to blame for the attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The only people responsible for the Benghazi attacks were the terrorists who carried them out. Anyone suggesting otherwise is either badly misinformed, willfully ignora

Former CIA, FBI informant, nicknamed “Annie” for the show, says the Obama administration knew that weapons and aid were ending up in the hands of Al Qaeda-affiliated militants in the country before the attacks that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead.

Annie’s information, which was corroborated by an arms dealer and numerous other sources, was given to intelligence officials that worked closely with her. She said the rebel groups had been infiltrated by terrorists and warned against aiding them with weapons or support.

This is the similar concern in arming rebels in Syria – full analysis HERE

“Annie” says she provided an intelligence document from Gadhafi’s regime to the Obama administration.

“And ultimately what happened on March 24, [2011] that intelligence document was provided by Gadhafi’s generals to our government and that information was put into the decision pipeline,” she said. “The document that Gadhafi provided, the actual intelligence provided on March 24, was quickly translated and in less than 24 hours put raw on the desk of Obama in the Oval Office. And to my knowledge that’s pretty much unheard of action.”

She said, however, there was “a disconnect between senior elected officials [and] Obama” as to the reality on the ground in Libya.

Full coverage at The Blaze

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  1. Randall says:

    QATAR and TURKEY to blame, too. Obama running arms for Arab Spring… arming AQ and Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, then Syria via Benghazi.

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