Published On: Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014

New Report: Messianic Judaism is growing in Israel

Messianic Judaism, a Jewish religion in which followers who believe Jesus is the Messiah is reportedly growing in Israel. Despite religious and political strife in the “chosen nation,” the number messianic Jews is growing substantially.
photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

photo/Jesus Christ Messiah Origins cover

Charisma News reports that several Modern Jewish missions are active in Israel including Jews for Jesus, The Christian Jew Foundation and Chosen People Ministries. 

“Jews have been coming to faith in Yeshua for centuries, increasingly so after Israel became a reality again in the late 1800s with the Zionist movement. After the Holocaust, when Israel became a nation again in 1948, the number of Jewish believers in Yeshua has been increasing worldwide, almost in lock step with Jewish immigration to Israel,” the Dec. 1 article notes.
Messianic Jews are also becoming more accepted into society instead of being viewed as dangerous outcasts. 
Rabbi Barry Rubin for Charisma News wrote, “Over the past centuries, because of all the atrocities done to Jews in the name of Jesus, Jewish people have avoided having anything to do with Him, His followers, or His teachings. It was too costly, too risky. And in Israel, where people are more vulnerable to attacks, this is acutely so. But Messianic Judaism is changing things. Now, Israelis are more open to talking about Yeshua and considering his claims to Messiahship.”
Messianic Jewish congregations meet on Saturdays and most services are in Hebrew. Though Messianic Jews believe Jesus to be the Savior, the congregations are “clearly Jewish” Rubin wrote. 
“The growth in the number of congregations has increased over the last 20 years, just as it has in the United States and other countries. Nearly every year, another indigenous congregation or two springs up, and as more and more Jews from around the world return home, this will only increase…”
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