Published On: Tue, Mar 11th, 2014

New Poll: Over half of Americans believe abortion should be illegal at least in some circumstances

A news CNN poll shows that 38% of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in most circumstances but legal in a few circumstances, and 20% saying that abortion should always be illegal, combining to a total of 58% of Americans who believe that abortion should be illegal in either many or all circumstances.

 photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

photo Ivon19 via wikimedia commons

A CNN/ORC International survey also indicates that a majority opposes taxpayer money being used to pay for abortions for women who can’t afford the procedure, with Americans split on whether women who receive government subsidies for health insurance should be able to get a plan that covers abortions.

According to the poll, 27% say that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, 13% say it should be legal in most circumstances, 38% say that it should be legal in few circumstances, and 20% say abortion should always be illegal.

“Not surprisingly, abortion remains an issue on which there are wide partisan differences,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

“Republicans are twice as likely as Democrats to say that abortion should always be illegal. But only a minority of the rank-and-file members of both parties take an extreme position on the issue, with just 31% of Republicans calling for a complete ban on abortion and just 32% of Democrats saying that abortion should be legal in all circumstances.”

Most Americans have never favored using public funds for abortions for women who cannot afford them. According to the survey, 56% remain opposed, with only 39% favoring public funding for abortions.

But that sentiment does not appear to extend to government subsidies for health insurance. The poll indicates the public is split right down the middle, with 49% saying that women who receive government subsidies for health insurance should be able to get a plan that covers abortion services and an identical 49% disagreeing.



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  1. Robby says:

    So 80 percent support abortion in at least some capacity. It’s all hope you word it. This author is obviously pro life.

  2. David Priver says:

    If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 40 years in this field, it is that, when it comes to abortion, people say one thing, but do another. I can’t begin to count the number of patients I’ve seen over the years who start off by saying “I’m actually opposed to abortion”, and then finish by explaining why her situation is special. Let’s face it, when it’s your ox that’s been gored, principles suddenly become ignored. Quote polls as much as you want, but when women have unwanted pregnancies, they terminate them.

  3. Kyle Childers says:

    I always find it very telling that the people who want to outlaw abortions are usually the same people who want to cut spending on Welfare and other social programs and oppose government funded health care. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. So it’s okay to force women to have unwanted births as long as you don’t have to pay for it? Hypocrites.

  4. Scot Wells says:

    Interesting math allows you to come up with a totally different conclusion than the original authors. Opening paragraph of the real CNN poll is and I actually cut and paste here for accuracy “Washington (CNN) – About one in four Americans say that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, one in five say abortion should always be illegal, and slightly over half the public thinks abortion should be legal in some, but not all, circumstances, according to a national poll released Thursday.”
    Well, they always say that the best lie is one close to the truth

  5. DougW says:

    Sigh…. another BS study designed to prove what the originators want proven. Did the interviewers ask the people what they consider ‘abortion’? Does taking a pill the day after sex count as ‘abortion’? What does ‘some circumstances’ or ‘most circumstances’ mean? Does it include the ‘reason’ for the abortion, like gender of the baby? Is the timeline of the pregnancy the most important issue? Is the mother’s health? Do the ‘allowable circumstances’ actually cover the vast majority of abortions in the US (i.e. if allowable includes ending pregnancies in the first trimester, that covers 50% of terminations…). Most people have a problem with abortion, and believe it should be limited whenever and wherever possible. But if you detail the circumstances behind most terminations, you’ll find that the majority of people would not want THOSE abortions made illegal. The circumstances that people want made illegal make up less than 5% of the abortions that actually occur. We must NOT let the 20% radical Christians dictate to the rest of the country.

    • Joel says:

      In my non-scientific research… Abortion is used as a means of terminating a baby out of some sort of inconvenience. Apply abortion logic to every baby who wasn’t planned: What if we abort every unplanned child? How many loved ones would you be missing?

      It’s amazing that people don’t love the unborn. I understand feelings of hopelessness and fear… but save children. A baby born is not much different than a baby aborted: a born baby is incapable of living without help, is not yet fully developed, etc…

      I do believe that most “pro-choice” defenders have a loved one that had an abortion. It’s as if their sub-conscience wants to defend their loved one. It’s a mistake. You don’t have to hate the mother and father that chose to have the abortion, but don’t defend their cruel act, especially when the reason is essentially selfish. Every aborted child could have an adoptive home… just fyi. Anyone who says different hasn’t check the private adoption agencies.

  6. New Poll: Over half of Americans believe abortion should be illegal at least in … – The Global Dispatch | Amazing News says:

    […] The Global Dispatch […]

  7. Sally Wells says:

    An anti-choice, anti-women’s rights, anti-science religious fantasy web site with more misogynistic articles. Men and their male religions must rule women.

    • Nicolas says:

      Sally has apparently never been to an anti-abortion rally, where should would have found the fanatics to be overwhelmingly female.

    • Sass says:

      If they hate men all that much, they shouldn’t have sex with them. That would eliminate the “need” for abortion to begin with. Tie ur tubes. This is not “anti women” it’s anti killing babies.

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