New list of racist codenames reveals hate speech on social media, deceiving search engines

There will always be hate, anger, racism and prejudice. Those who don’t believe are naive and deny the existence of good and evil. Now a new list of racist terms and codes have unveiled a network using horrible insults to fool social media and search engines set to shut down such language.

A new chart was published to a meme website, onsizzle.com, where the post states: “Welp, while Operation Google is underway, we will officially try not to get ourseves banned for ‘Hate Speech’. (Because Mark Zuckerberg is a Skype-Google who ban meme page for almost no reason).”

“We will officially be named Bings, who just like the search engine, is trash. But don’t worry, we will survive as Bings and I promise you, I will guide you through this dark time.”

Blogger/podcaster Alex Goldman, the host of the podcast Reply All, shared it with his followers, connecting it to Donald Trump and the alt-right.

Racist Trump twitter has come up with a new coded way to share racial slurs w/ each other and avoid account suspension. pic.twitter.com/J4AmaHFVCd

— Alex Goldman (@AGoldmund) October 1, 2016

Goldman told Metro.co.uk “I noticed that a bunch of alt right twitter people were harassing a conservative podcaster called Stephen Crowder on Twitter..because he has not endorsed Donald Trump.”

no racism symbol slash logo“I started noticing people writing ‘skypes, googles, and skittles’ and I thought to myself ‘what the hell does that mean?’ So I did a google search on skypes, googles and skittles, and that answer key came up.’”

Some of the new “slang” words:

Skittle: an Arab or Muslim  (Trump Jr’s controversial tweet about refugees and Skittles led to this one)

Skype: Jew

Butterfly: Gay man

Fishbucket: Lesbian

Google: black person  (The origins of using Google stems from a 4Chan chat forum which sought to intentionally associate Google with racism after the company brought out Jigsaw which promised to use AI technology to prevent online abuse.)

Yahoo: Mexican

Car Salesman: Liberal/Democrat

Reagans: Conservative

A Leppo: Libertarian  (Thank Gary Johnson for his Aleppo moment)

Pepe: Alt-right  (Pepe comes from Pepe the Frog, the unsuspecting mascot of the “alt-right,”often seen on their social media profile pictures._

Check out the post below.



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